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  1. i have found the problem its the NVDIA grafique driver last updat isnt ok ty ill try to solve this problem and ill give the solution here for who will be facing to like this problem see ya
  2. i have the fierstorm v2 and he run verry good what i need is the devlopment viewer for mesh
  3. ty yes i have do this but nop he dont work i have remove all viewers (fierstrom, sl v2.8, sl devlop) and i have install just sl devlopment viewer but is the same prob only basic lol cant change to build but why he creat this 2 cach in local and in roaming!!!
  4. hi i have an problem with second life viewer 2.8 and the viewer Second Life Development since the last updat of v 2.7.5 i see this problem: when i run it first time he work good but for basic mod, and i change it to the other mod to work he said i must restart the viewer and this is normal when i restart it he will never run lol befor the viewer is open he crash the same problem for v 2.8 and viewer Second Life Development to run it again i must clear the cach manualy from C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife and here too at the same time this is strong no?!! C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\SecondLife why the viewer creat this 2 files at the same time i dont know so when i remove them the viewer run normal but in the basic mod lol and the same story when i need to change lool i have forget my work and i play with this viewer now to upload an mesh lol please if you have an soloution explain it thank you
  5. thank you hun becouse the was remove my rentel box lol my own script and they say Notification of Copyright Infringement lol crazy no!!!
  6. hi all please who know what means the copyright in secondlife buseniss - is it who upload the first he is the real owner?!! and he get the full rights to report and remove who will upload the same from the net (but the first too he was find them in google lol) - or ther are placeor office in sl wher we regester our product to get protection from stolers.....?!!! thank you
  7. for oses yes you can us Qavimator and poser pro 8, DAZ3D 4, cinema 4D, blender too if you know how to us it (i dont like it lol) ther are lot of programs who mad the animations or just poses (3ds max, maya, autodesck motion builder..) but is not the same BVH FILE that second life support so you can us BVHACKER as an convertiseur of animation the BVHACKER is not an hack tool dont whorry lol how he work?! ------------------- the BVH FILES is not same just in the names of the avatar mesh body like hand top low........ avry programe save or name them as they know and here the BVHACKER ideally suited for final preparation of bvh files for upload to Second Life. bvhacker is great for viewing, analysing, converting, fault finding and preparing of bvh files. bvhacker is not for creating animations from scratch. bvhacker is for working on existing animation data. mmm yes FBX convert too i have it but i havent try it yet lol
  8.  hi all yes dear this is an good idea but as you know all the BVH fil used by LL is not the same as all gams or programs but if LL will promot our creations animatins, all games and programs will make an adapt for LBVH and it will be great buseniss and the bigest earning for LL with % commussion mmm how you will do it !! maybe by creating webstore like marketplace only for anim with gif texture or ppls can add thier video for animation presantation and recive money by usd$ for who have pypal, or an sl exchange account to convert $ to L$ 
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