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  1. On November 25th at 4pm slt, Main Event Show Lounge is proud to present the hypnotic and tantalizing Burlesque Dolls. Come experience the exotic and sultry world of burlesque as the Dolls take the stage with their professional striptease performances. These lovely ladies are the only dance troupe in SL that specialize in the sensual art of burlesque style striptease. We promise you a show you won't forget. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SkyBeam Stowaway/201/183/787
  2. I wanted to buy 2.50 worth of lindens and accidentally entered 250.00. Is there a way to reverse this?
  3. I rent a parcel and have been using the "Restore to Last Position" feature, however this morning it suddenly doesn't work. I contacted the land owner but he doesn't know anything about it. How can this be fixed?
  4. What happened to the "Restore To Last Position" feature? I'm a builder and used it on a regular basis. It's an important feature to many of us.
  5. I made a purchase for 750L and I never got the item and it is not showing in my transactons...but the money is gone. What happened?
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