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  1. We're in the process of building a medieval fantasy RP called Blackthorn that will allow child avatars, as long as they are old enough to speak in complete sentences. We will accept most races. We are very fantasy and less realistic medieval, but if you're open to that, you can message me and I'll send you a landmark. Build is pretty rough right now. Once we get it mostly set up, I will advertise it at WoRPG hub. I am making a knight character, and I would love to have a squire!
  2. I've seen this happen before, where the other sim even gave out the notecards from the other sim with the other admin's name on them. Not much you can do, but people will figure it out. The best thing you can do is continue to create stories and events, treat players well, and be a fair admin. Most sims have terrible admins, and RPs that just blindly copy tend to be really bad. If they were decent admins, they'd be able to do things on their own. Those RPs might have players, but they won't generally be good RPers and players. Just let them do their thing, and it's quite likely they won't last because either they won't be able to keep players or the OOC drama will kill them.
  3. I have an Android tablet and pen, and I'd like to be able to do some basic clothing texturing on my tablet. I'm not looking for anything fancy, just texturing some of the mesh clothes I'm learning to make in Blender. It's okay if it costs. Any recommendations for sketch or drawing apps that might work?
  4. Metagaming has always been an issue in SL even if is against the rules of a sim. There's just so many ways in SL to get OOC info and often no punishment for metagaming when that information is used. That's why many roleplayers in SL tend to be against inner monologue style RP. A lot of people will cheat and listen in and just can't really be trusted to handle that information with standard RP etiquette.
  5. Hi Alison, Eastwilde Valley has one open home for rent. Rent is very cheap, and we have an active community with holiday events and lots of hanging out. We also have a full farming and crafting system, something that makes us quite different from your average living community. Homes come with one farming plot, and you are free to add more to your prim limit. Here's the SLURL to the home for rent: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jordan%20First/80/95/29
  6. We're a little different than your average RP sim, but I have one open house on our farming RP sim. RP is fairly light, but that will be the case at most home communities. You can RP whatever position you wish. We have a full farming and crafting system, though, which makes us a bit different than your average family community. Rent is super cheap, as I pay for most of the sim myself. Here's a SLURL to the home for rent: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jordan%20First/80/95/29
  7. I made a group called "Work at Home Network". It states that it doesn't allow advertising in the description, and I will enforce that. I also made a little hangout in the second floor of my tavern. Just a place to go and sit if you are working. I put a landmark in the group notices. My residents are extremely friendly, so they might come say hi, but my sim is generally really quiet. If people having personal (non WAH) websites, book links, etc. I will add them to the notecard in the freebies box. Also working on a notecard of free productivity resources.
  8. Wondering if anyone else works at home and is interested in a support group for others who work at home? Advertisement would be forbidden, the group's purpose would be strictly for chat and support. I did find a bar for work at home people, but nobody seems to go there anymore. I have sim space for a hangout if that's what people want to do, or could just chat on group chat.
  9. Come celebrate May Day with family and friends at Eastwilde Valley! We have free gifts, as well as free rides and festivities! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jordan%20First/122/225/29 Eastwilde Valley is a light RP farming sim inspired by farming games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. We have a full farming and crafting system, as well as a close-knit community. We are family friendly. Visitors are welcome! 
  10. Yeah, I think they closed up shop before they even opened. I was a member of the group, and it went dead. They didn't even announce it.
  11. I've thought for a long time that a website with SL roleplays would be helpful. A few people have tried to do it before, but it often degraded into advertising by the sims. If there could be a way to rate them, especially anonymously, but requiring reasons for the ratings, i think it could be helpful. It's always hard to sort by genre, but that's the way most people will probably search for RPs. Maybe tagging with multiple tags allowed?
  12. I think I would make #3 adverts a part of 4 or 5, as it's good to have, but not as crucial. I feel like the biggest problems from RP sims in SL come from the other criteria. I like to wander around and collect sim information, and I find if #4 is poorly done, it's a big indicator of sim leadership. I don't know what it is, but many RPs have a lot of unstated rules. When I've asked about some of the things left out of their rules, I've often gotten "Everybody does it this way" response. Anybody who's roleplayed for a few years or more on more than one RP knows that there are a lot of ways to do things in RP. For example, I find post order is often left out of rules, but treated very strictly in play if a sim requires it. Post order is where you have to take turns with everyone else in the scene in a certain order. The number of sims that require post order are really pretty few, especially outside of combat, but every single time I've asked about it at a sim that requires it but left it out of their rules, I've gotten a "Everybody uses post order" respone. Nope, it's actually maybe 5% of sims that require it at all times, probably less.
  13. I've never heard of anyone threatening to ban someone if they try to leave. That's bizarre. I do think many admins decide to run an RP sim because they like the idea of being in charge, but they don't think about how much work it actually is, or they think they're going to have people to do it for them (they're not!). And one of the worst offenses in my book is to give free rein to people who continually cause problems, because they think they won't be able to afford the sim if they don't. All the good people leave, and they end up with a small group of obnoxious people, less than they would have if they just got rid of the problems. The sims I'm thinking of like that have closed. I own Eastwilde Valley, which is a farming RP sim, and I've run three large RP sims in the past, none of which I owned, so didn't have control over when they closed. United Federation Starfleet - 3 I played in UFS for awhile, and I agree with Duncan on most of his evaluation. UFS is actually a collection of sims and RPs, so that causes a lot of the discontinuity However, I have to take away more points for one thing I found almost across the board, and that was a lack of creativity when it came to RP. I tried out several ships and groups, and they did the same flight deck RP scenario every week. Not many "away missions" and changing scenarios. Some required you to come every week, or strongly pressured you to do so, but often everything revolved around the captain and high staff, and everybody else was really acting as NPCs with everything planned and staged like a script. They promise "moving up", but really the way to do that is financially by buying into your ship or buying your own. Star Wars Legacies - 4 This RP is excellent, and nicely done. I did have some trouble getting involved, and I think it was because there was just too much going on. I do think they could have a better system of integrating new players. I ended up having too much to do IRL to keep participating, but I keep thinking about going back.
  14. There are already a bunch of traditional elementary and high schools around, so a college might be less competitive. If you do a high school or younger, I would give it a spin and have some supernatural element or somehow make it different from a traditional school. I think it'd be nice to see a school in a different time period, like the 50s. I would be wary of doing copyrighted schools, but the truth is that fandoms sell, and you will get a following if you do a fandom. As for names, I always use name generators. This town name generator might be helpful.
  15. The reason its happening is a change in inventory systems. Try uninstalling your current viewer and installing the latest version. That didn't quite fix it for me, though. I changed from the Havok version of Firestorm, to the 64bit version, and that fixed it. I think some of the viewers may have updated some, but not fully.
  16. Most of my inventory is gone, so they must be having asset server troubles. I cleared cache, changed viewers, still problems. I do wish they would update grid status when problems start and not after they resolve them.
  17. Hey Hina, Our group is pretty mixed, but most are geeky, and we have several artists of various stripes. I have a light RP sim called Eastwilde on Willow Wisp Isle that's loosely modern fantasy anime and Korean drama themed. We do a lot OOC, though. Mostly, it's just a place for us to hang out and have fun. You're quite welcome to come hang out. I'm EST, but our group is all over the world as far as time zones, go.
  18. Eastwilde is looking for an experienced DJ that specializes in Kpop for a 2-hour Friday or Saturday shift between 1pm and 6pm SLT. Pay is $500L plus 100% tips, with opportunity for double after two months. A bit of Jpop and Cpop added in would be a bonus. We are also looking for an experienced host for that shift. Pay is $250L plus 100% tips. We'd prefer live chat and personal greetings to gestures. Event advertising will be done for you. Eastwilde is family friendly to all ages of avatars, so appropriate dress is required, but your avatar can look any way you wish. You do not have to be human, and you can be any age. Contact Roswenthe Aluveaux with a notecard listing your experience, or come visit us at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Willow%20Wisp%20Isle/161/109/31
  19. There is one! I visited there long ago, so I don't know how active it is, but it's called Learn It Town. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pleione/103/230/27
  20. I'm working on a modern fantasy RP called Eastwilde that will allow any race as long as it's not gigantic. It's sort of a hybrid of a number of different things from anime to urban fantasy to comedy, but as all my friends are all different races and interests, I wanted to do something everyone could enjoy. We will be family friendly. Our main RP group is up and open join, so you're welcome to check us out.
  21. I would love to do this. There was a 50s RP sim for awhile, but they really seemed to focus more on the build than on events and activities. Hardly anybody was ever there, despite their beautiful build. So I would say make lots of opportunities for interaction. Some ideas: Ladies guild/debutantes 7-12th grade school Surfing beach Idyllic tract neighborhood Maybe a downtown with TV station studio, a Mad Men style ad or other company, NASA
  22. Definitely look up Grim Bros, run by Cutea Benelli. I used to run something similar, and I used a lot of their stuff.
  23. Yes, I have. There actually used to be a group devoted to it, though it was some time ago. They ran a few games, and eventually moved outside of SL, I think. It can work fairly well. There was a table system made by somebody, but I'm not sure it's around anymore. Now that people have voice, I imagine it would be easier to do. I remember we did GURPs, which adapted pretty well to an online system. I would think Shadowrun and D&D would be much more difficult, since they're so crunchy.
  24. Esterwell sounds very much like what you want, though I don't think they have paid employment. Most community RPs aren't going to have actual employment for $L, just RP employment. It's really expensive to maintain a RP sim. The only one I know of that does for $L is Olrich, and I don't think they require RP.
  25. Carla, there still are good roleplay sims around, but a lot depends on the genre and style in which you are interested. One thing I have noticed is that many of the better RP sims do not advertise as widely, either because they do not need to do so, or they just are too busy roleplaying. Finding what you enjoy does take some time jumping around and checking each one out. So searching in Places with a genre you like or just with "roleplay" is the best option. I have a number of friends who roleplay in Skarvald (Artstonia sim), a fantasy Viking RP, which I know isn't in search. It's not really my genre preference, but I visited there for awhile, and the roleplay was excellent. Kitti, putting down everybody else in order to advertise your own RP doesn't really inspire confidence in your sim.
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