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  1. "Go ahead LL... tell us why this shouldn't be the case..." I wonder , does thi happen to paid up subscribers ?
  2. "their script" yes I patiently explained to them that I had no photo ID to which they replied ,"We look forward to seeing your photo ID . . . They have my IP address that confirms I am in the UK. But whats really bewildering . Is why does someone , who is never going to meet me or need to confirm my appearance,want photo ID?
  3. "But that said, now comes the idiotic over-reaching part " I'm in the UK and I got he same mail. All my payments have been frozen, and since I have no way of getting photo ID even if I wanted t do so , within 30 days. That will end my Second Life.
  4. Just copy the URL in, others willl see it as a hyperlink , but you wont. And it toook me the best part of a day to work that out lol
  5. If you have lost your kitten. Go to the kittycats main store and register onto their site. Once in . under pedigree . you will see all the cats you own.Each cat has a unique number and Kittycats support should be able to find it for you.
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