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  1. I’ve reached out to the creator of the Tiny Empires hud but I’m drawing a blank on more vendor/creators. Aside from constume contest, musical acts, photo booths/props what would you guys as the ultimate consumer like to see or partake of?
  2. Id love some input on guidelines for a costume contest. I hate when a contest is either won by the highest bidder (deepest pockets) or votes due to popularity (TP in real quick and vote for me). And SL Built in games?? Do tell??
  3. What if I were to get permission from the owners of the trademark? Do you think linden labs would have a problem with it?
  4. I feel like it’s one of those “If you build it, they will come” moments. We could even put up a ring so people can try to fight their favorite villain or be there favorite villain.
  5. Just putting some feelers out there... Would people actually be interested in taking part in a Comicon in SL? Like traditional Comicon..... dress up as your favorite comic book character, gamer character, anime character.... Maybe check out a live band... Take part in a best costume contest.... Maybe game a little???
  6. Its not the entire screen it seems to just be the mesh attached to my body.
  7. So basically im looking for someone or a couple of full time adult avs to room with me. Im mostly kid size av but every once in awhile I'll put on my teen av. Im not looking to mooch off anyone ive got my own steady SL income and im not looking for rent just some company every once in awhile and adults around every once inawhile to keep the pervs away. You'll get access to the house your own bedroom and a few prims to rezz some of your own stuff. Maybe take me to a candy store or something every once in a blue moon (no worries I can pay for my own candy lol) edited because I forgot to add its not a full time thing you'll mostly have the house to yourself because im on only a couple hours every couple of days and the house is going to be paid upfront for a month in advance so you can consider it more like house sitting and call me your kid so people can stop trying to adopt me. oh and you have to be cute well because im cute and two ugly av parents cant have a cute kid lol.............ohhhhh must have a good sense of humor. No im not new to SL my AV was created way back in 2007 so im not looking to rip anyone off, yes I am an SL creator, no I dont give handouts....ok yeah sometimes I give out candy and toys.
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