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  1. Well what you want would be hard for you to find if you are looking to walk around while moving. If you just wanted a nice ride and then dock some where for dinner and watch the sunset i would. Be happy to take you around on my sailboat or yacht. Ps i know this is a little bit late of a response. :)

  2. Do you have a permanent place or are you a wanderer?

     Home for me.  Infact i used to and plan on running a rental bussines again.  Hate to wonder and have no where for the quit times. 


    Did you get a home as soon as you started or did you wait?

    Yes. Being that I loveto shop needed a place to dress style work in my style.


    Skybox or ground? Own or rent? Mainland or island? Roommates?

     On the ground. but no apartments.  I need some space so hones have to be spaced apart.   I had about 30 homes i related out at one time.  Almost a full sim on main land.   Friends would move in and out and that was nice to have some to talk to Ad just chill out with. But like in RL you have to get along. 


    What is your prim allotment to the parts of your home? Like 50% on the house, 20% on furniture, etc.

     After a lot of trial and error figured out how Ito make lpei mom homes that were nice. Probally reason i usually had no vacancy rate.   Most prims on Funtime and decor. 


    What do you do in your house?

     Most of the time it was listing to music or talking.   But being in a home lets you do what ever you want when ever you want. 

    Or just spending time thinking of new things to build. 


    Do you recommend homeowning?

     Yes it helps to keep for being bored.  and gives you somewhere to go while who's wait for the clubs to open. If you just wonder yoneed up at store too often and that canbe dangerous on the Linden's 


    Does it make you stay in SL?

    yes being the  person i am  it gave me purpose to help people enjoy the game.  Many fun days were spent on the same sim.  Only RL mess that up. 


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