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  1. Just setting up a topic to see if there are any places where people are RPing feral animals. Preference goes to places that are entirely focused on ferals; but if there's a large community of shifters or regular rp with quad animals I'm also interested. Sorry if the topic has been visited before but I haven't seen anything about it in 2020. Any info appreciated!
  2. I am looking to have someone create a janoe, or sacred thread that is resizable and is worn by Brahmin members of the Hindu religion. For reference, it looks like this:  s  It is just a simple thread and the top is worn hanging over the left shoulder. I can't find anything like it anywhere on the marketplace. I might also be interested in mesh forms of sacred ash (vibunthi) like those seen in the picture that are compatible with mesh bodies, including TMP. I'd appreciate any help or direction. Thanks!
  3. I tried several newbie places and LL places and they didn't work. When I tried 'Smith', however, it did! I'll chalk up that victory to your well-wishing. Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a laptop that's running Windows 7 64x. It's Vaio SVE15114FXS, if that's of any importance. For the past couple days I haven't been able to login. I hadn't tried for about a week, and am not sure if updates were the issue. It gets stuck at 'Requesting region capabilities'. My normal browser is Firestorm and I did a full clean install, but the same problem persists with the newest version of SL's official browser too. Like I said, I've done clean install on Firestorm but not SL Browser. I am posting this with my wireless connection. I have no problems connecting with Chrome a
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