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  1. Alright so, this was different... lmao. I haven't done one of these challenges since pre-mesh heads and it was far easier to do back then. I actually wear so much makeup these days you can see my blush if I take my makeup off, because I even wear makeup to hide it. So we'll just say I have naturally rosy cheeks or something So the list of things I did for this: 1. Removed my falsies 2. Took out my colored contacts 3. Took off my glasses... cause like all those teen makeover movies all she has to do is take off the glasses to look like a supermodel, right? XD 4. Went back t
  2. The Highlander's Approach to Dating 101. There can be only one... until there are TWO.. YOU AND YOUR LOVER. *cues music*
  3. Aternia Afterthought was my original name (before recent name changes). Aternia is my own unique version of Eternal. Eternally an afterthought, basically. Kassie Nova is what I changed my name to. Obviously a play on words for Casanova. I'm Italian, so I did the thing. I wanted a fresh start/change without making an alt. I was sick of people calling me Aternia (I've gone by Nia for like 8 years now) or worse, calling me Atemia because they misread Aternia. So! Kassie Nova was born. Nova: This has actually been my sl brother's last name for years, so it fit. Kassie: Short f
  4. My hair goes to the bottom of my thighs. I usually cut it around now though because it's too heavy. I have thick hair and it can be a pain to not only brush it, but it also causes headaches from the weight. I usually cut it super short and begin the growing process again (which takes me a little over a year because my hair grows fast). I love any hair length on people though. I'm not that particular about their hair. I suppose the question isn't whether I'd choose someone based on personality though So yes, I'd date someone with super long hair, but it depends if they have the aesthetic for i
  5. Since you got me thinking about it... I do pay more attention to people with unique avatars versus basic human ones when I'm venturing into the SL wilds. But they also have to be well-made for me to care enough to cam in to briefly admire them before I run away. The human-ish ones are a dime a dozen and most people end up looking the same to me anyhow with whatever the current trend is. People who go a bit crazy with their avs also seem like they'd have more interesting personalities. With a conversation more likely to be about their latest alien abduction instead of what makeup br
  6. You know, even I didn't know what I was listening to until I saw this topic and focused on the music playing. Youtube is just on autoplay at the moment. It decided I am listening to:
  7. I change my avatar frequently -- heads, skins, bodies, gender, etc. But lately I've been in my 'usual' look, aside from being on a redhead kick..
  8. Honestly, I haven't noticed it in years so I can say you'll get used to it. Half the time you won't even see it with your surroundings. I do not believe there is a way to turn it off without disabling voice as it is the indicator for it.
  9. Amusingly enough, I can relate to this story XD Wayyyy back in the day, my RL hubby made a female av to work as a stripper with me. We used to dance on the stage at the same time. He had more regulars than I did. Clearly a dude knows what a dude likes.. so his av was just overboard on everything and all the boys loved it The part that killed me was the time I was accused of being a guy playing a female av. The guy told me I should try harder and be like my husband's av if I wanted to be more convincing. We just sort of looked at each other across the room and burst out laughing. 🤣
  10. I'm getting there... slowwwwly but surely. I just turned 37. Unlike most of you, I've always met a huge variety of ages from 18 up to 80. My two long-time friends are respectively 15 years younger and 15 years older than me. When I was actively trying to make friends, it was more difficult for me to find people in my 35-40 range. Granted, everyone I met doesn't act their age anyhow so I stopped even bothering with it.
  11. I haven't done a picture in a bit and really ought to do one in the next few days, but the last one I worked on was.... Before: After:
  12. I'm rarely in a beachy mood (despite living on a tropical island 🤔), so I figured it should be commemorated with a photo 😁
  13. I met my husband on another game about 14 years ago or so. It was a worldwide game with people from every country. We were actually enemies on it! Quite a few years went by and we started to talk, become friends, etc. Despite meeting people from all over the globe, it turned out my husband literally lived off the same street I did, same city, same state. We lived 2 minutes down the road from each other and he even knew my sister because they went to school together So we decided to meet, fell in love, and have been married for 8 years now. I came to SL alone like 4 years ago and eventually h
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