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  1. Too tired to make a fancy schmancy picture So its a fancy screenie.
  2. Awwww ❤️ You know what? Every person I ever attempted a relationship with was the opposite. They were not good with emoting, nor keeping up with me. Which made interaction rather difficult because when someone is being very verbose (*coughs* me) and the other brief (erryone else), it feels like you're speaking two different languages. So I always ended up alone as well. I don't really have any tips for you. Simply put, I tried to do what you're doing, only the opposite. I tried to reduce my emotes and do one-liners and whatnot else. It doesn't work. It feels unnatural at that point because you aren't being yourself. So my advice is just find someone who does things the same way you do (make it a dating expectation, same as someone having a job or a car in rl), switch to voice and forgo all the emoting, or see if they even care if you are not able to do semi-para or para emoting. I simply stopped dating lol. I never met the right kind of person for me and even had a few leave me because I made them feel inadequate or something. However, I do hope you eventually counter your match. Best of luck and don't be lonely. Focus more on yourself and things you enjoy doing solo, then if you meet someone it is a bonus, rather than a disappointment if you don't.
  3. -makes note of all the places she can move to never have to talk to anyone again- This is good. Keep it coming. My social anxiety thanks you. Here in Florida, everyone will talk to you and they are usually drunk, own an alligator, or think you're an ex of theirs. It's very awkward. I dislike idle chatter and speaking with strangers. I'm not friendly at all lol. Forums are as close as I get to conversing with strangers
  4. Wow, they must have gotten married and went all in for that long haul 3 week relationship. It's been 2 already and he still hasn't come back with a 'Open, single again.' I'm just here to watch though as I'm a big tiddy goth gf, not a big tiddy elf gf. The luck I tell ya. 🙃
  5. I have no idea what the recent most 40 or so pages are discussing now because I got tired of reading the same things over and over again, so I stopped. I just want to address a bit that I have a feeling people are still going on about, 90+ pages later. The whole 'They are banning this! WHAT NEXT???' thing gets to be tiresome. Stop screaming woe be unto thee, for next they shall ban couches! Oh blasphemers, such horror! This is the end! The end I say! That's what half of this topic sounds like. You know damn well they are banning things because they have lawyers that say, 'Yeaaaaaaah.... you're going to lose more if you do it this way because x of your residents reside in y and z just passed and/or is passing this law. It would be better to remove the problem, rather than the residents.' And the people fighting to keep gacha as though it is what makes up the community and not the actual residents? Please. It's not an entity. It is a sales method. They have other ways to sell things to you. It will be replaced. Same as everything is. If you want to buy things via a fun little game, go make one. Many have existed over the years, many more are going to come. "How will x make money now?" --The same as they always have, by selling items in various ways. Did everyone forget that while gacha has existed, that regular sales did too? "I made 5% of my sales on gacha, what now?!" --You make 5% more in your regular sales. Congrats, you just effectively didn't lose money. If anything, you might even make more because not everyone likes gacha. But zero people have a reason to not buy things normally if they want it. "Ermahgerd a fatpack costs so much what will I do in the future if I just want one?!" The same thing you're doing right now. Buying the one you want. Regular sales still exist. And in terms of gacha? The difference is instead of giving some random person the money for that one specific item you want (which is not playing gacha anyways), you'll be giving the cost to the creator. Why are so many people arguing AGAINST giving the actual creators money? Because you can't rip them off through a third party anymore? How nice. Half of you don't play the machines. You use regular sales to obtain items. Guess what? That isn't changing. Enjoy. Current gacha going into fatpacks has nothing to do with the future of items coming out. Current gacha fatpacks are to make old content still readily available for people who might want it one day. If there is something you want? You have 1-2 months to go buy your single color. Odds are you don't really want it or you would have acquired it already. You just don't like the idea of never being able to have it after this change. The other half of this topic is a bunch of people beating dead horses with sticks. You can sell your no-copy items still, once they leave the gacha machine they aren't gacha anymore. They already gotcha. Just show someone what it is and you can sell it to them. Now you're just someone holding a no-copy item and trying to convince people it's a shiny stone, far shinier than any stone they already have of other colors, so buy your stone please so you can be rich to acquire even more shiny stones Consider this a push for new innovation and revel in the delight of seeing the end of a time and the beginning of a new era. And this is coming from someone who has been playing gacha heavily since 2011. Previous owner of many yard sales and events. And I have one of the largest collections out there. Since for some reason that makes me more qualified to talk about gacha ending, if I actually participated. So there you go.
  6. Mmhm it’s the ip. I was going to move back to Nevada for awhile and changed all my account info to reflect it. Couldn’t go to the regions until I had left the state though. I’m sure a vpn is a possible work-around but I never screwed with it because skill gaming was just a random urge versus something I ever became seriously into, so it was easy to give up.
  7. Alright so, this was different... lmao. I haven't done one of these challenges since pre-mesh heads and it was far easier to do back then. I actually wear so much makeup these days you can see my blush if I take my makeup off, because I even wear makeup to hide it. So we'll just say I have naturally rosy cheeks or something So the list of things I did for this: 1. Removed my falsies 2. Took out my colored contacts 3. Took off my glasses... cause like all those teen makeover movies all she has to do is take off the glasses to look like a supermodel, right? XD 4. Went back to my natural hair color. 5. Washed off the face powder, ear tinter, lipstick, gloss, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. 6. Took out all my piercings. 7. Removed my tattoo, cause clearly its a stick-on. 8. Took off my other facial ornaments. And thus, you have basic Kassie. Dun dun dun. My non-existent SL mom would be so proud, I almost look normal Before/After:
  8. The Highlander's Approach to Dating 101. There can be only one... until there are TWO.. YOU AND YOUR LOVER. *cues music*
  9. Aternia Afterthought was my original name (before recent name changes). Aternia is my own unique version of Eternal. Eternally an afterthought, basically. Kassie Nova is what I changed my name to. Obviously a play on words for Casanova. I'm Italian, so I did the thing. I wanted a fresh start/change without making an alt. I was sick of people calling me Aternia (I've gone by Nia for like 8 years now) or worse, calling me Atemia because they misread Aternia. So! Kassie Nova was born. Nova: This has actually been my sl brother's last name for years, so it fit. Kassie: Short for Kassandra from Greek Mythology. A prophetess that was cursed to have her words never be believed. Her name means: shining upon man, she who fills men with love, and entangler of men. Also suitable for the Casanova tribute, plus it fits me better than you'd realize. It was a hard change at first because I'm almost... 11 years old in SL, I think, but Kassie fits me really well now and I'm quite fond of it
  10. My hair goes to the bottom of my thighs. I usually cut it around now though because it's too heavy. I have thick hair and it can be a pain to not only brush it, but it also causes headaches from the weight. I usually cut it super short and begin the growing process again (which takes me a little over a year because my hair grows fast). I love any hair length on people though. I'm not that particular about their hair. I suppose the question isn't whether I'd choose someone based on personality though So yes, I'd date someone with super long hair, but it depends if they have the aesthetic for it. Some people carry it well, some look like cave people who have been in hiding and aren't aware of the invention of scissors.
  11. Since you got me thinking about it... I do pay more attention to people with unique avatars versus basic human ones when I'm venturing into the SL wilds. But they also have to be well-made for me to care enough to cam in to briefly admire them before I run away. The human-ish ones are a dime a dozen and most people end up looking the same to me anyhow with whatever the current trend is. People who go a bit crazy with their avs also seem like they'd have more interesting personalities. With a conversation more likely to be about their latest alien abduction instead of what makeup brand they like the most. Then again, they probably aren't and it's just a thought I entertain to create some substance around myself. Not that I talk to anyone. Nor am I really a human myself for the most part since I run about as a demon. I'm probably a horrible person to even bother answering this topic since I'm probably one of the most misanthropic recluses in SL. So I can't really say it matters what most people are since I don't leave my sim often enough to notice. 🤔
  12. You know, even I didn't know what I was listening to until I saw this topic and focused on the music playing. Youtube is just on autoplay at the moment. It decided I am listening to:
  13. Ahhh, I remember those things. They were fun to toss L$ in from time to time when bored. Ever since they began to comply with regulations though I haven't been able to touch them. People from Florida are banned from the regions entirely. This is such an old topic, but since we're chatting about it I wanted to state that skill gaming is a real thing by itself. It's not just 'whatever SL wants to call it'. Betting on skill gaming is listed as illegal in Florida state laws. Gambling is also, as a separate entity. So while they are similar in nature, they aren't the same thing. They can be an issue for people who have addictive personalities.... but anything can be. Gacha, shopping, avatar design, moving sims, alts, inventory hoarding, etc. Just be a good friend and try to help if you see one of your friends struggling with some form of addiction. 🙃
  14. I change my avatar frequently -- heads, skins, bodies, gender, etc. But lately I've been in my 'usual' look, aside from being on a redhead kick..
  15. Honestly, I haven't noticed it in years so I can say you'll get used to it. Half the time you won't even see it with your surroundings. I do not believe there is a way to turn it off without disabling voice as it is the indicator for it.
  16. Amusingly enough, I can relate to this story XD Wayyyy back in the day, my RL hubby made a female av to work as a stripper with me. We used to dance on the stage at the same time. He had more regulars than I did. Clearly a dude knows what a dude likes.. so his av was just overboard on everything and all the boys loved it The part that killed me was the time I was accused of being a guy playing a female av. The guy told me I should try harder and be like my husband's av if I wanted to be more convincing. We just sort of looked at each other across the room and burst out laughing. 🤣
  17. I'm getting there... slowwwwly but surely. I just turned 37. Unlike most of you, I've always met a huge variety of ages from 18 up to 80. My two long-time friends are respectively 15 years younger and 15 years older than me. When I was actively trying to make friends, it was more difficult for me to find people in my 35-40 range. Granted, everyone I met doesn't act their age anyhow so I stopped even bothering with it.
  18. I haven't done a picture in a bit and really ought to do one in the next few days, but the last one I worked on was.... Before: After:
  19. I'm rarely in a beachy mood (despite living on a tropical island 🤔), so I figured it should be commemorated with a photo 😁
  20. I met my husband on another game about 14 years ago or so. It was a worldwide game with people from every country. We were actually enemies on it! Quite a few years went by and we started to talk, become friends, etc. Despite meeting people from all over the globe, it turned out my husband literally lived off the same street I did, same city, same state. We lived 2 minutes down the road from each other and he even knew my sister because they went to school together So we decided to meet, fell in love, and have been married for 8 years now. I came to SL alone like 4 years ago and eventually he came with me. Now we're together in SL and living just as happily as we do in RL I just wanted to say that despite not having met on SL, it is possible to meet people in virtual worlds and have it work. I do think its a bit easier from the world we came from, as relationships seemed to last a bit better there. SL can be very quick with them, so finding the right kind of person who is honest, faithful, devoted, and as true about their feelings as you are can be difficult. Though it is possible
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