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  1. We have a separate parcel in our sim set aside, and access is set to the list only in the land tools. This has worked fine for a few years now, but today, anyone can walk into the parcel even though the private access is still set as before with public access left unchecked, and no group access either. Only the access list is there with some avatars listed that can access it. I have tried restarting the sim, and redoing the access, but nothing is working. I am wondering what happened, and how to fix this.. thanks. ...Okay, guess no one has any input, even if they don't know. <.<
  2. Noticed that the stipend still hasn't gone out, too, on my premium account. Could be tomorrow then.. first time that I have seen this in a good while at least.
  3. Noticed this same problem this morning, and I have yet to see it paid on either of my two premium SL accounts. I just assume there is some reason for the delay, though I have to see anything on the status blog.
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