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  1. I've been on this game for 14 years, today I'm asking for help and you are giving me some rules, I hope the moderator will see my post and act as such, it's not a question that I ask but a call for help !!!!
  2. I prefer to warn all the players so that in their turn they do the same as me to avoid problems of the same kind
  3. Hello I am coming once again to you to ask you for help with an avatar who is griefing and who has a premium account, I have irrefutable proof of his guilt on note, I would like the game masters to be takes care of his case because he's been acting too long and nobody does anything because he has multiple avatars and threatens people and sims !!!! here is one of these many avatars <removed> one of the most famous avatars in the past and already punished for his faults but apparently he did not take the lesson, I need your help
  4. merci de m'avoir repondu mon amie a recu une reponse et esten train de remplir les question qu'on lui pose , merci beaucoup de votre reponse rapide , je vous souhaite une agreable soiree
  5. On a plus acces au compte , il a modifier le mdp et l'adresse mail et la il vient de vider les ls qu'il y avais sur le compte en envoyant des cadeau a victor9301 resident
  6. Bonjour je vient vers vous car l'avatar de mon amie" LaDeesseDidi Resident " vient d’être pirater , l'avatar est actif je lui parle en im il me répond en me demandant 15000Ls a envoyer vers un plusieurs autre avatar si je veut le récupérer , et me menace de vider l'inventaire si je ne fais pas ce qu'il demande ci joint les avatar donner par l'individu " viola46 resident , victor9301resident , Kristel36 resident" Voila un exemple de ce que l'individu me dit ( [2020/02/29 12:20] Ɗïđï Єdєηƒℓσωєя ßaƦßΔƦع (LaDeesseDidi Resident): envoyez l'avatar victor9301 15000 linden afin que vous soyez vo
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