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  1. It's been, wow, nearly 12 and a half years ago, not even sure where I heard about it back then, but ended up creating an account, which turned out to be rather short lived, think I poked around for maybe an hour or so, but she never made it out of Newbie Island, mainly because I did not figure out how teleports worked LOL. Fast forward a few months later, I am watching C.S.I. , and there was an episode about Second Life and thought to myself, hmmm, wait, looks like there is more to it than Newbie Island, perhaps, I should give it a second chance, but realized, I was not happy with the name I c
  2. Perhaps you are confusing Bloodlines or Hunger with vampires...no offense to any Bloodliners but really,if one would walk around all day/night fangs hanging bloody mess,growling proud that they are a vampire,well,the humans would have long purged them,they still outnumber the undead .... Bloodlines is nothing but a bunch of Twilight vampires,trying to sparkle and outnumber everyone,and trust me,it gets extremely frustrating when people read in my profile "role plays a vampire" and they automatically assume there is nothing else around besides Bloodliners,or even worst,Hunger- I AM NOT ONE OF T
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