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  1. i have an auction script I got from the older forum and was wondering how come the script dont show the bid in hover text? The script works great! Just wished it had the bids hover txt over the box. Thanks Its written by rolig
  2. Im no longer looking. Im not into secondlife anymore. Im at redlightcenter.com Thanks for the replies. I go by the name Jayicous in redlightcenter.com Thanks.
  3. Also ask friends to post signs at there place of business or clubs. Many times its free to post just to attract visitors.
  4. How to place a classified ad Classified ads are sorted by price or by relevance, depending on where they are displayed in search. The highest-paid classifieds appear on top when searching in Everything, and the most relevant classifieds appear at the top when searching in the Classifieds section. To create a classified: Position your avatar in the location where you want the link in the ad to teleport people to. For example, at the entrance of your store. Choose Me > Picks... In the bottom left, click the + icon and choose New Classified. The Edit Classified window opens. Fill out the fields as described below. You can edit everything about your classified, except the price, at any time. When you've filled out the fields as desired, click Publish. The Publishing Classified window opens. Enter the price you want to pay in Linden Dollars (L$). Higher prices are ranked higher in search (but the price paid for each classified isn't publicly shown). If you checked Auto renew each week, this is also the price you're charged each week for your classified, so make sure you have enough in your total L$ balance. Click Publish to publish your classified ad. The sidebar refreshes with a notification of what you paid, and shows your new classified under the Classifieds section of your profile.
  5. IM looking for a SL partner to share my SL experience with and then some in time that is. I own Club Mixalot recently opened up and I have shops on my sim as well. I also have a Private sim home. I want a honest, no head game SL partner. I'am a premium member, age verified and I want you to be the same NO EXCEPTIONS! I also Transgender to a female avatar (Sarina) under my same avatar Justyn Andretti. So its 2 avatars in one :-) If you want to know more, just look me up, hit me up with an im or reply here. SERIOUS REPLIES ONLY! USA ONLY NO OFFENSE, I REFUSE TO TRAVEL OVER SEAS.
  6. Same as in real life my friend! Talkes $$$ to get married and more $$$ to get a divorce. Advice, don't partner until you are sure you're ready to do this. Partnering in SL means you got married in SL. Don't partner just cause you're engaged or together things can go wrong. Wish you all the best.
  7. Please people make sure who you're dating is a premium member and age verified, cause my gosh you know how many underage play secondlife and state they're over 18! Too many! Im sure you heard it all but not enough... Its dangerous if you don't know who you're talking too and what information you're sharing! Please don't share your personal information, It takes a long time to really get to know someone, especially in SL. I keep getting messages in my SL inbox saying " hello im a single lady and I found your profile interesting" I automatically block those kind of people. I wish you all the best and hope your relationship does work out and many do, just PLEASE becareful!
  8. Congrats! on the BF moving in. Good luck hope all works out 4 ya. Just make sure you have a group only u control and have the BF added to that group and deed the group to your land where your house is. This way he can rez, create and decorate with you. Just make sure you give him the right options of what he can do on your land and that you really trust him and Im sure you do. But just becareful when allow people to drop, rez and create on your land.
  9. OK its 10-16-12 - 10:20am EST and I can't login says UNABLE TO CONNECT TO SIMULATOR....
  10. Hello there! Im looking for a DJ maybe you can DJ at my club from time to time. I'am having a event sat 4pm slt cowboy-cowgirl theme... I can't really pay alot since I just oepned up a club, but would love to have ya play!
  11. Its fixed! A friend gave me this: Sick of seeing your friends as clouds then click - Advanced – then – debug settings – then type in – RenderUnloadedAvatar and set to true, click X to close. This will stop you seeing others as clouds – but not you – tell others to do the same
  12. I have been like this for 2 days!!! Whats going on? Anyone help please!
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