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  1. Hey there. Quick question and I do realize this was 2 years ago you posted it...lol I am just getting started really hunkering down into making my own textures. In the past I have used PNG 24 file type. I just now noticed that there is an option for transparency when you save for Web. I'm trying to avoid the transparency all together by filling in window holes now. Just wondering if PNG 24 is the best to use in SL as file types go. I use Photoshop CS6 and PNG's used to be what I would use in transparent prims but before I got this new computer I never noticed what you are talking about above (probably a better graphics card).
  2. I was told about second life on a plain from England to the USA by a single serving friend from Texas. I signed up and that night I was bitten by some guy randomly (spam bite). That night I followed the note card that was delivered with the bite to a bloodlines location where I had a look around. I've ALWAYS been in to vampires so I was pretty excited but I had no idea what had happened to me. At Bloodlines I met a vampiress who was very kind to me and that night she paid for the potion to reverse my condition. I then was invited to her families land where I learned what it was to be a vampire in Second Life. I was really excited to become a vampire and was told that I had to wait until the family meeting the next Friday to be turned. I was told not to bite anyone or allow anyone to bite me as it would ruin the animation during the turning. That week I was allowed to roam their land freely and meet with all the various members of the family. I also learned a bit about building from the King during that week and went to a public sandbox where I met my future queen Marianna who I brought into my family on the same night I was turned. The family was great at the beginning. We had weekly meetings to turn new members and get to know them. I was taught how to hunt by my liege and other members of the clan. I learned A LOT more about building from my King who was an expert builder and I was introduced to animating and scripting as well. Overall it was a fantastic introduction to vampire life in SL as well as SL itself. Eventually I had become a ranking member in my clan with 10 children and being ever grateful to my king and family decided that it was time for a new chapter. Marianna and I decided that we wanted to start our own clan so I created an ALT prior to breaking the news to my family that we were going to be not leaving but extending the family. THAT IS WHEN IT ALL WENT WRONG. The King showed his true colors and talked a lot of **bleep** behind our backs. Tried to talk my children into abandoning me and staying with him even though I had given them the option of coming with us or staying there anyways. It all ended in tears unfortunately but we did start our own family and ALL of our children came with us. The biggest problem with starting a family is the perpensity for young vampires to live off blood containers and buy their own blood (this in my opinion defeats the purpose of the game). When I joined I don't think I drank from a cask for the first year or so and by that time I had the forever amulet and no longer needed blood. The point of the game in my opinion is to meet new people. Feeding off people by actually talking to them and convincing them that the vampire life is for them is what is fun about the game. Sitting in a corner and spam biting people just to increase your wealth is pointless and will always cause strife in a clan. Long story short I still love my family in second life and my liege from the olden days I still call her mother (even on Facebook which can get slightly weird and confusing for my real mother) Anyways..That's my story..I would love to get into another clan but it would need to be the right one which will probably mean that eventually I will start another one myself. Trying to think of good ideas so let me know if you have any considering the story I have told. Thanks, Exaurious
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