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  1. More ppl experience this, it must be something like a server failure. Dont worry, it will be back
  2. I looked at his group, and NO ROLES are showing for me Clearing cache wont help in this case, I would suggest to send LL a ticket and wait for their support
  3. They never shared their password. And an "alt detection tool" isnt that illigal to use? I guess the owner of the website is known to LL... can they be blocked/banned?
  4. Several friends of mine were suddenly posting advertisement in several group. They were showing online in the Friend List, but I was sure they were sleeping. One even tried to get online in SL, but got a message that they were already online.... This was the msg that was send: Free Lindens! Welcome All Second Life Players! You can earn up to $750L for each survey that you complete! Click on any of the surveys below to get started! click the link to start winning http://lindensforfree.noads.biz My friends got several angry IMs in their mailbox why they were posting such crap in their group, som
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