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  1. I have been considering upgrading to windows 8 and I was wondering if the SL Viewers are compatible? Has anyone tried it yet? If so have they encountered any issues that required the software being loaded in a particular way i.e. compatibility mode or something? Did you need to perform any hardware upgrades to continue to use SL in the ay that you are used to doing i.e. dual characters or streaming discos whilst playing SL? Your help in preparing me for my upgrade would be greatl appreciated. Kess
  2. I have two SL toons that I roleplay with in second life, occasionally in the past I was able to log both in using the -multiple tag to allow me to roleplay with myself if no one was around. Recently, I can only surmise because of the Mesh viewer upgrades I am having increasing trouble doing this. I would very much like to continue doing this and it is about time for my 5 yearly computer replacement program, it would be good if I could have some recommendations/suggestions for hardware specification for this kind of computer? I'm guessing at least a Core I5 processor and a Geforce graphics card of some variety, but would I need to consider SLi to perform the dual browser trick? I know in most cases the more Ram the better but what should I be looking at, 6? Or 8? Or more? Any advice that can be offered would be greatly received. Thanx Kess
  3. Lately my Tattoo seems to be clashing with my linden clothing. I have tried stripping my toon down to her lindens and then applying my tattoo - bingo! she's naked and I mean naked, her skin rezzes fine but lindens de-rez along with the tat. If I take off one of the linden clothing layers that portion of the tat re-appears along with the rest of the linden clothing underneath. E.g. Apply tat --> naked --> remove jacket --> the rest of linden clothing and tattoo re-appear --> reapply jacket --> naked --> take off shirt --> top half clothed with all linden layers except for the shirt, lower half naked --> re-apply shirt --> completely naked --> take off pants --> knickers and shoes re-appear, but I'm topless --> re-apply pants --> naked again --> remove tat --> fully clothed. :smileymad: Has anyone else experienced this? it's very frustrating, luckily my main outfit has a shirt layer that has the jacket applied over the shirt so I can do without the jacket for now but the times I change outfits is really frustrating as I have to remove her Tattoo which isn't on as it's become part of her identity.:smileysad:
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