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  1. Oz this 870m graphics card still is not on the OK list, and it is Feb 2015. The 900 series is out! Is there any way to get it added? I am trying to use it with the Oculus viewer. I have a meeting in Washington DC next week to give a demo of the Rift in SL. Got a shiny new laptop with this wizzy card. Help help help!
  2. Sylvio, Has this been reported to Linden Lab? Much of our educational content in SL is affected by this problem, and it is not practical to give visitors instructions to roll back their flash version. Gosh, it is hard enough to overcome the existing barriers to new user success withoug adding something like this! I will post about it on the SLED list and see if any other educators have noticed the problem. Best Thynka
  3. Really looking forward to further details about this. I am scheduled to demo Second Life for 2 days at the national 4-H leaders convention in October. Great timing.
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