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  1. My experience is that residents who love to travel in vehicles express themselves in many inworld groups. I suggest the following starting points - SL Sailing Association for sailing secondlife:///app/group/2ee60bcf-94c1-3916-272e-406c46d3db4b/about , SL Aviation for flying secondlife:///app/group/9cc7debb-0031-5b6a-fb39-a3cc41e60755/about , and Drivers of SL for land vehicles secondlife:///app/group/402f2af0-fbe2-8b0c-d394-06532bc83437/about
  2. So have at least one passenger sit in each passenger car... Voila!
  3. According to Newsweek.... "Mastercard's decision was lobbied for by Conservative groups such as National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), formerly known as Morality in Media, and Exodus Cry. They have been targeting payment processors and credit card companies that work alongside pornographic sites, under the guise of abolishing sex trafficking and exploitation. When news of OnlyFans' ban broke, NCOSE released a statement explaining: "The announcement made by OnlyFans that it will prohibit creators from posting material with sexually explicit conduct on its website comes after much advocacy from NCOSE, survivors and allies." The Wikipedia entry on NCOSE says... "The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE), formerly organized as Morality in Media (MIM) before changing its structure, is an American non-profit known for its anti-pornography stance and anti-sex trafficking advocacy based on abolitionist principles.[1][2] When it was MIM, versions of the group once campaigned against obscenity, sex shops and sex toys, decriminalization of sex work, comprehensive sex education, and various works of literature or visual arts the organization has deemed obscene, profane or indecent.[3] The group was started as a part of the religious right and primarily Catholic."
  4. What's all this hubbub about OnlyFans... I mean it's just a bunch of fans https://www.reddit.com/r/OnlyFans/
  5. The original post asked "Should we be worried?" about LL limitiing adult content. I think not, for now. The Gatcha banning might be a red flag, as it implies that the legal dept must have some sway. I speculate they argued that banning Gatcha would save them some money, as there is an expense in dealing with the regulatory climate and Gatcha likely provides negligable income to LL. One could argue that if lawyers and accountants are running the show at LL, maybe they will decide that LL needs to cover their butt by removing all adult content. That seems a bit crazy, as it would clearly have a significant impact on revenue and the compliance problem would be huge (and expensive). Linden Lab has taken pains to manage adult content via the region rating system (and policies) and age verifcation. We trust that all adult content in Second Life is legal so there is no legal requirement to shut it down (as there was with casino gambling). Second Life will evolve and the proportion of adult content may diminish or increase, who knows. When people hear I spend alot of time in Second Life they always ask "What do you do?" I answer that everything people do in real life, they do in Second Life, just with nicer clothes I am hoping that will continue.
  6. I absolutely and totally LOVE this! Logan rocks! Now I want to make little paper cutout tiles and add dots on the edges for rivers and roads and reshuffle Fantaserria. On a different topic, the Fantasy theme is wonderful but I am wondering if TOO MANY Fantasy regions were rezzed. I have been looking at the Linden Homes selection page and noticed that the following 6 themes are almost always available: Trad, Camper, Log, Stilt on Land, Chalet and Fantasy. Victorians are sometimes available. Stilt on Water, Stilt on Pier and Houseboat are rarely available. This indicates to me that water-based homes are undersupplied and land-based homes are oversupplied. I consider Fantasy homes to be land-based because there is no room (physically or aesthetically) for the types of boats that sailors actually use (see any marina on the Blake to see what we sail). If one is trying to increase premium subscriptions, I suggest putting in a column of houseboats north of Buffalo Springs (site of a most wonderful runway) and connecting them to Stromberg (bet this isn't the first time you've heard this one).
  7. I believe both A and B do not change the fundamental design of the current SL gatcha, that is... pay, receive 1 of n items, item can be resold. I assume that LL is banning gatcha because it is costing them money to deal with the "regulatory climate". This is a downside and there is no corresponding upside that they can see (although residents may disagree). One could argue that changing gatcha items to be NO TRANSFER changes the game enough to make it NOT gambling. The reasoning is that gambling requires paying for a chance to receive something of value. By making items COPY/NO TRANSFER, the value is decreased because resale is prevented. The item cannot be converted into a fungible asset (money). Seems like a weak argument to me. If there are loopholes, 7Seas Fishing found them. The game involves casting (with a rod that you purchase) and you can catch things that may or may not be valuable to you. If you fish unbaited, it is all free... so not gambling. The loophole part is that you can pay to get bait and this lets you catch things that are only available to those fishing with bait. The bait money goes to the people that run the fishing servers and the claim is that the money is for running the service, NOT for a chance to win a prize. The prizes are provided mostly by residents who run fishing spots, who do it simply to support the fishing community or to drive traffic to a store. Loophole part 2 involves fishing contests. A bunch of people fish together and their catches are recorded for a time period on a contest board. At the end of the contest, lindens and/or other things of value are awarded those with the highest scores. This is not gambling because no one is required to pay anything to be in a contest. The prize money is all donated. Yes, people do that
  8. GATCHA SCHOOL FOR LAWYERS I have a suspicion that otherwise clear thinking Lindens such as Patch and Brett and Grumpity have been wooed by lawyers that have spun tales of woe about the big IG... yanno internet gambling eeeeek!. They look at the math of Gatcha and conclude that it is a gambling scheme. Well, it's NOT! It's a marketing scheme! Getting Woke to Gatcha Quite a few of us rezzydents are into SHOPPING. We like shoes, hair, plants, krazy karts, blah blah blah. We BUY stuff. Gatcha is a way of presenting a themed collection of items. Sometimes it is a single item in different styles, such as cupcakes in different flavors. Sometimes it is a things that go together, like parts of an outfit or a bedroom set. Gatcha items are always no copy and always transfer, which allow them to be RESOLD (very important feature). So when I buy a gatcha item, it is usually because I am willing to accept any of the items and I usually will pay LESS for the item compared to similar items on marketplace or in vendors. If I want a specific item, I usually DO NOT play the gatcha. Rather, I just buy it on marketplace. The RARE items in a Gatch are not necessarily better than the common items. It all depends on what appeals to you. Some rezzydents choose to acquire all the items in a gatcha, including multiples. They then resell the items on marketplace to make a profit. Some people just sell their multiples or put them in BelliBins as gifts. This is a PUBLIC SERVICE. In summary, gatcha is NOT a way to gamble. Rather, it is way for a creator to market their items by presenting a collection.... and for buyers to get items at a discount or get specific items by paying a premium. Listen UP Lawyers - There Is No Trouble In River City --- full disclaimer - diamond is NOT currently practing law but IS a college classmate of the current attorney general of the US of A ---
  9. Patch, when you do your FAQ, please address 1. What laws in what countries and what regulatory climate are you concerned with? Has anyone be convicted or lost a lawsuit so far? 2. If you use the criterion of "paying and receiving something back by chance"... then will you also outlaw the following: - Current Linden Home allocation - Sploders - 7Seas Fishing using bait
  10. The problem here is NOT that residents are overreacting and freaking out to the loss of Gatchas. The problem is the Linden Lab is freaking out over "a changing regulatory climate". Where in the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 does it say that you can't sell one of several advertised items (based on chance) for usually less than 1 dollar US? Gatcha IS NOT BETTING. Are there actual court cases that hold that this sort of thing is in violation of UIGEA? Please share. And if you outlaw Gatcha, how long before LL discontinues Linden Homes, which are homes allocated BY CHANCE based on the payment of ALOT of dollars. And what will follow after that?
  11. We would appreciate hearing about why a "changing regulatory climate" makes it necessary to outlaw Gatcha. One would assume that this is a consequence of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA). The intent there was to make it illegal to gamble on the internet.... but how is "gambling" defined? The law includes the following as a definition of betting...purchasing an "opportunity" to win a lottery. Is that what a Gatcha is? Is it some sort of illegal lottery. In Gatcha, one pays real money to receive a product (not an opportunity). The possible products are known. Depending on the buyer, some have more value than others. Is this case covered by UIGEA? That would be a huge stretch! Does this mean that LINDEN HOMEs will also be (in blog language) "sunsetted"? In the Game of Homes, one pays a recurring fee to gain an opportunity to receive a Linden Home based on chance (assuming there are even any available). Sound familiar? Tis a slippery slope we stand on!
  12. So, consider this... I have a ROG Strix SCAR II Gaming Laptop purchased in October, 2018. The graphics is NVidia GTX 1060, which is modest compared to 2021 GPUs. However, it works great in Second Life... maximum frame rates in common conditions. I usually stay in High+ graphics but use Ultra for photography and forget to reset it back to High+. Recently this laptop failed to power up and is currently "in the shop". I am temporarily using an ancient Lenovo running a GeForce GT 555M/PCIe/SSE2 that burns your leg. It gets15 FPS at Mid+ graphics but slows considerably when in a crowd. If the repair cost of ROG seems excessive, I may choose to ditch it and buy 2021 technology. The question. if you google gaming laptops under $2000, you will see alot of Intel RTX 2xxx and RTX 3xxx machines as well as AMD based laptops . Is it possible that some of these are actually overpowered? Does anyone know of a study that compares what viewers are asking the GPU to do compared to what the GPU can do? I realize that this requires assumptions about number or triangles and other 3D graphics parameters :)
  13. Ain't it the truth. I have had this problem for months now. Sometimes it takes forever for anything to rez. Sometimes everything rezzes except one or two things. Sometimes everything rezzes, I TP somewhere and come back, and everything is grey again. I have tried all sorts of cache config options with no improved results. Something is busted, just no idea what it is, About the topic of this thread, one of the cool things about Belli is that textures are reused within a theme so that (in a world where things work) everything rezzes fast once it gets in your cache. So the Lindens might refrain from promoting anything that increases the number of textures within a theme. That said, the Lindens are also unlikey to get behind any covenant change that will increase the load on the compliance team. They are not gonna get picky about what you can rez.
  14. Some good analysis/advice here. Can only add that Abnor Mole did speak to this issue at the SL18B Meet the Moles session. He encouraged us to politely (repeat: POLITELY) inform our neighbors about covenant issues. His experience is that most people simply don't know about the covenant and are happy to comply once they understand. In prior sessions with Patch and Grumpity Linden, they indicated that the compliance team focuses on the more serious issues. My experience is that this works most of the time. Most of the residents I have contacted about bad orbs have amended their configurations to comply.The few ARs I have done on really bad things (like giant parcel-covering towers) were addressed.
  15. There is a new BelliBin HUD called BelliFind that finds bins you can empty by displaying yellow dots on a region map tile along with your location as a yellow triangle. Imagine a mini-map with additional information. It also shows "pinned locations" as colored dots, allowing an inworld traveler to find places of interest. A resident establishes a "pinned location" by rezzing a BelliPin prim or copying the script into their own object. BelliPin prims and associated colored dots are BelliPin Place - pink, Place of Interest (bar, cafe, gallery, etc) BelliPin Home - green, Open Home for Public Viewing BelliBin Passport - orange, Passport Stamp BelliPin GTFO - teal, GTFO Hub BelliPin Rez Zone - sky blue, Rez Zone on Your Parcel After rezzing a BelliPrim, please edit the Description field to give info about your pinned location. Touch the BelliPrim to make it invisible. BelliBin is a free waste management roleplaying game for residents of Bellisseria. You pretend to have waste bins of various types and other pretend to collect it. Get BelliBins, BelliPins, and the BelliFind HUD for free on marketplace. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DS-BelliBin-for-Bellisseria/17905605 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DS-BelliFindBelliPin-Package/22266375
  16. Concerning operational costs and the AWS uplift, we can only know what we are told. In https://modemworld.me/2021/06/24/sl18b-meet-the-lindens-grumpity-linden-summary-with-video/, Inara Pey reports what Grumpity Linden, VP of Product, said at SL18B. "With AWS, Second Life is now hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The advantages are: - LL able to focus on core competency of running and enhancing SlL and not have to worry about managing the underpinning hardware and infrastructure. - There are no longer periodic blocks of capital expenditure that must planned and be made to replace aged / depreciated hardware, etc. - LL can be more nimble in responding to the needs of SL by having a large pool of server types from which to choose from, and the ability to “tier up” to new and faster hardware as the need arises. - This offers the potential for new and enhanced land product offerings, the potential to geolocate servers closer to their primary audience etc. The move has not reduced operational costs: the servers are still running 24/7, and Amazon obviously charge for this, and financial savings were not the motivator for the move: it was about ensuring SL’s longevity." The bottom line is that the AWS uplift was strategic... it increased capability. It gives LL more flexibility in adding new regions, not the opposite. Concerning a protected water connection between Bellisseria and Blake-connected regions, Grumpity deferred to Patch Linden's prior remarks at SL18B. Patch had said that such a connection was "not imminent", which suggests that it is low-priority. The region spawning machine is focused on completing the build-out of Bellisseria themes and adding the new Fantasy theme. In https://modemworld.me/2021/06/23/sl18b-meet-the-lindens-patch-linden-a-summary-with-video-and-audio/, Inara Pey reports that Patch said "The new Fantasy theme will be within a sub-continent rather than an overall part of Bellisseria. It will still be classified as a part of Bellisseria, but will not have a direct connection to the existing Bellisseria regions. It has yet to be determined whether there will be air and/or water connections with the rest of the continent, or whether it will only be linked by some form of portal connection." The bottom line is that the water connection of Bellisseria to Blake-connected regions is not a priority. Brett Linden (VP Marketing) also spoke at SL18B. Yours truly asked him to speak about Bellisseria's success and its "secret sauce" and he spoke about "community". All well and good. To me however, it's about making a place that humans want to be and a big part of that is making places that are CONNECTED to other places. People like "old school" travel... going from A to B through a world. Look at mainland parcel prices on the world map... the parcels that humans value are the ones that are best connected (mostly on water).
  17. Yes! I always assumed that this is exactly what they would do, as the northeast part of the Chalet regions are unfinished. Also this is the way they connected to Jeogeot. BTW, I am not buying that the additional expense of AWS regions is a problem for expansion... seems crazy that they would have moved to AWS if they would be cash flow negative on every region.
  18. Given that parcels that can get to the Blake are now going for hundreds of thousands of Lindens, and that whole regions recently sold for over a million lindens (when the BrendaRex regions were auctioned), YES, I do not think people would mind looking at the mess that is mainland in they got protected water access to Blake connected regions for the price of a Linden Home (around a buck a week after stipend). And the connector stack could be moved one region to the west (connecting to Buffalo Springs) to eliminate the view, if Abnor so desired
  19. To connect Bellisseria to "The Blake" via protected water, all one has to do is lay down 18 protected water regions from Carmine Sky to Stromberg. Once in Stromberg, there are protected water channels and regions all the way to the regions that begin with "Blake Sea". Of course, there could be more than 18 regions and the regions could contain Bellisseria Linden Home Houseboats, which would all immediately be sold
  20. Actually there are people that do this as a style of roleplay rather than being in a virtual world that might enforce specific policies. There are boat cruising groups (e.g. Leeward) and flying groups (e.g. Skyward) and land travel groups (e.g. DriversOfSL) and vehicle oriented service groups (e.g. SLCG, yacht clubs, aviation groups) etc. etc. The common theme is that we are traveling across the grid using vehicles and not simply flying or TPing, except perhaps to get to some initial location. In order to make this work in the Second Life provided by Linden Labs, the crossing of region borders must be as seamless as possible, otherwise, people get frustrated. Huge improvement was made last year but there is still work to be done. Also there must be an infrastructure of connected/protected water, roadways, railways, airports and accompanying rez zones. Also, gratuitous banlines and orbs are an issue, as is encroachment on protected areas. This is why we must all continue to lobby for on behalf of issues that IMPROVE the travel experience. I view Bellisseria as a HUGE success in support of getting around with vehicles. The travel infrastructure is excellent and the continents have been connected. Air travel is in a new era. And should a few more regions be added to connect Bellisseria to Satori via protected water, boat travel will be in a new era. Imagine rezzing a boat at your houseboat and sailing to the Blake... YaY!
  21. You are very wise but I don't think so :) Recall that linked messages are addressed to one or more children and are heard by all scripts in that child. A good scripter targets linked messages to only the child that needs it. My point is that problems related to linked message pathology are not always related to number of child prims and a well scripted vehicle is not compromised simply by having many child prims. I have always said that I can crash any vehicle any where, any time, any place. The point is that region crossings have been historically unpredictable regardless of what counter measures you take. What I have learned (from sailboat racing and analyzing script performance at well attended events) is that the thing that most influences vehicles in general is the number of avatars and child agents in the vicinity. Travel alone and things usually go better. And of course, if a region/simulator is sick, there is nothing you can do with a vehicle that fixes it (except putting it in reverse). The tragedy of region crossings is that we went so long (17 years?) with them being so bad. The fix came at the end of 2020 when, as part of the uplift to the cloud project, someone noticed that some networking protocols involved in region crossings were suboptimal (to be polite) and then FIXED them. When the software fix was rolled out prior to the uplift, region crossing instantly were improved (no cloud needed). There are still issues involving synchronization of the vehicle and the sitting avatar during crossings. When it doesn't work, you are unseated or your animation is "compromised" or your camera is messed up. So please Linden Labs, keep working on it. The only (superstitious) advice I would give as to the selection of vehicles is to go with the newer ones that have been tested and tweaked under the current generation of Second Life Servers and/or vehicles that are still being updated. It is possible that older vehicles have scripting that was better suited to the "pre fixed" servers. Also, avoid 4-corners (point where 4-regions meet) as they tend to stress the synchronization issue.
  22. RE: Pier Vehicles My Mountain Bike V1.0 - Bicycle works better on the pier today (4/30/2020). The last time I tried it, I could not get past any bollard. Today I only seem to have trouble at pier junctions as Abnor described above. I have put out a rezzer for the Culprit DQN Holo bike here http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Memison/185/54/23 This vehicle can get thru the pier junctions if you hit them just right. Also it has a flight mode which levitates the bike a meter or two above the surface rendering the bollards ineffective. Touch the bike to get access to a ton of config options. Flight mode is on the first level menu, middle top button. Have fun!
  23. If you own a parcel you can set the music stream by typing in the URL of the stream on the Sound tab of the Land Tool. Or you can install something that might be called a "radio" to switch the music stream for you. Follow the instructions of the radio creator (read the notecard). At some point during the installation, you will have to do a "deed to group". This means you rez the radio on your parcel, edit it and click the Share and Deed to Group checkboxes. Then the radio will be able to switch the streams. Note: This does NOT work on a Linden Home parcel. Good luck. It is possible that I misunderstood your question. If you have music at home that you want to stream into your parcel, then you need to do what DJs do and acquire an internet music stream. Dunno any details. Then you take that stream URL and set it up in your parcel, as decribed above.
  24. You can sail the Chalet Home regions to Satori if you start in Diving Belle and go east... just follow the river and use the minimap. Here is a map we will use for an upcoming Leeward cruise.
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