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  1. 1 hour ago, Pussycat Catnap said:

    Actually the mere fact that other forms of music in this thread have been called mainstream points to that.

    Modern mainstream music IS hip-hop.

    It has been for almost a decade.

    SL is way out of sync with modern global urban life.

    Ten years ago, maybe. Nowadays you barely hear any hip hop on the radio (which is probably still the best way to define "mainstream", I think). See, it's happening to you too! You're getting old and out of sync!

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  2. 15 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    Franks Place has been around since the beginning; an institution. Franks Elite Jazz, "Franks Elite Jazz" is not "Frank's Place." 

    "Frank's" has expanded over the years (I'm not so sure they should have) . and now they are trimming the fat. Good riddance. Cut the extra fat and focus on the basics, long live Frank's Place proper.

    Yep, but they decided to close all of the venues instead, as the notice says.

    "Franks Entertainment Group will be closing it's doors.  This includes, Franks Jazz, Franks Elite, Bogarts, Chateau d' Elite Restaurant, The Galleria. "

  3. Just now, Orion Pastorelli said:

    OK, here is the thing, what about texture memory usage? Correct me if I am wrong. I thought Visual Complexity was an aggregate score that took both geometry ( triangles & vertices) and texture memory usage into account, and that's what makes it so useful.

    Side Note:  I am aware "script time" is a completely different metric that has nothing to do the visual aspect of SL.

    That does play into it too, but most of the bodies - as far as I know - just use the standard SL UV skins. The complexity score just doesn't really seem to weigh all those aspects properly - a 500k polygon body is deemed about the same complexity as a 15k one, even if they use the same textures.

    ArcTan might fix that once it's finally out.

  4. For the record, the Slink Hourglass is approximately 16.5k polygons. It's pretty darn optimized, so this notion of there being no optimized bodies is mildly bizarre.

    (the complexity score isn't a good measurement - triangles, vertices and script time are)

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  5. 34 minutes ago, halebore Aeon said:

    Why is it LL's responsibility to help you out with something that you bought from a 3rd party. They can do nothing, you bought the body from The Shops, so that is the shops responsibility. Not LL's responsibility.

    You can make a very real argument that LL shouldn't allow outright broken products (literally in this case, with all those gaps and seams!) to be sold on their platform. It might even be their moral responsibility. The problem is just that it's not a legal one, and it'd be extremely time-consuming.

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  6. One big thing in choosing a mesh body and head right now is that Project Arctan is in the works. Basically the lindens recalculating render costs, which will probably hit some of the unoptimized body parts rather hard.

    Slink (for bodies and heads) and Maitreya (for bodies) should be future proof as they use relatively little geometry compared to the competition, and Maitreya has already stated that they'll be doing a proper Bakes on Mesh update, which should make it better still. They're also very well supported.

    There are other options too, but many of them might have to do radical updates.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Alyona Su said:

    Nekos. Modifiable outfits and hair. Stand-alone shopping malls. Truly welcoming groups of people instantly and genuinely welcoming a newcomer into their space.

    Modifiable outfits survive in the furry community. I never exactly understood why that divide happened. Granted since we use human mesh bodies a lot of the time, it's not as common as it used to be, but almost every furry who makes clothes leaves them moddable. Especially for non-human bodies.

    Hair though? Truth at least keeps theirs mod-enabled, unless it's rigged.

  8. 18 minutes ago, Amina Sopwith said:

    Is Xcite still a thing? It had a habit of shouting out its updates as it went through various naughty body parts, and to be fair, a lot of people were genuinely embarrassed when they realised it was actually in local.

    Xcite does still exist but they lost pretty much the entire market to VAW and Aeros, as well as smaller businesses. Mostly cause of that kind of thing and refusing to update or improve.

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  9. Kemono bodies live on in the furry community, they're still the only way to get that toony body shape.

    As for fads... Zion Chickens (iirc) would be the best example. One of the earliest breedables, now used by absolutely nobody.

    Or for one that's not a specific product, "Sad baby" ads for products, as described by Arduenn. My friends and I still laugh at those at events.

    Gachas seemed to be a fad. But it now seems to that residents love gambling for their purchases, so it's probably not fair to refer to them as a fad any longer.

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  10. Here's what must surely be my pettiest peeve: Vendors that don't list what bodies the clothes are for. I expect at least Hourglass, Maitreya and Freya if you don't specify, and if it turns out it's Maitreya only I'm going to very grumpy and angrily delete the demo. >:|

    I mean sure it's only a few seconds of my time wasted, but if the creator just spends those few seconds typing "body X Y and Z" on the picture, it'll save everyone else that time! Think of the total seconds saved! 😧

  11. Deciduan is considerably better in every way, if you ask me. For one, you can adjust your settings with more granularity, for example putting yourself in a fertile phase, to simulate fertility drugs perhaps. In addition that it also has RLV that can automatically make your belly grow if you set up the shapes beforehand. It also has (practically free) condoms that can both break and be sabotaged if you're into that kind of thing.

  12. Hello merchants!

    I often IM/notecard creators about problems with their products. For example, this jacket clips through itself on the rig for this specific body, and here's screenshot to illustrate. Or here's a glitch in the scripts and here's how to reproduct it, that kind of thing.

    And I get mixed reactions. Sometimes creators get right to work and push out a fixed version almost immediately. Sometimes they respond that they'll fix it, but never do. And sometimes there's no response.

    It's similar when I recommend features, for example the ability to delete color change scripts in clothes. Sometimes it gets added, sometimes they'll toss me a script free version to tide me over, sometimes it never gets added.

    So as a topic of general discussion, how about you, forum-going creators? How much do you appreciate customer feedback? Are you willing to fix things if only one person has reported a problem? Or add simple features if someone wants them?

    I'll not judge, I can, I suppose, understand just not having the time to go back to fix products that were already released.

  13. On 1/3/2019 at 7:49 PM, Prokofy Neva said:

    Another line of thinking comes from some of the most radical of this cohort who are LGBT in real life. And here you can find very Orthodox and even authoritarian trans rulings from on high that say that anyone who is not seriously pursuing actual sex alteration in RL is a phony or is in what amounts to sexual "blackface" or some other sort of politically-incorrect crime. Naturally, I dismiss this as hogwash -- but it is a troubling symptom of some authoritarian elements of trans culture that insist on "tolerance for me" but "hate on thee" for any variation of the prescribed Orthodoxy. 

    There's an interesting subset of this cohort which is gay men, or m2f in RL, who absolutely loathe females appearing as males. Some are in denial that this is a reality. This is the most violent and cruel cohort in my experience. And I can only explain it ultimately as a form of patriarchy and sexism of its own -- that even in *this*, too -- changing genders -- the males wish to reign supreme.

    Almost universally, trans people of any stripe look down on "truscum" which are the types you describe there, i.e. the ones who go "if you don't do X you're not really trans".

    In addition to that I've never witnessed an M2F person complain about "females appearing as males," and I don't generally understand why trans women would want men - which they aren't - to "reign supreme" except in some exceptional case of internalized transphobia

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  14. Face animations aren't a "built in" thing, at least not in a standardized way where the heads listen to some kind of communications. Usually they're individual animations played by the furniture (or whatever HUD you use to animate your face). So if a furniture maker puts them in they're going to look good on one brand but not the other. Catwa animations for example, look absolutely dreadful on Slink heads.

  15. 10 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    I've never seen that response ever affect the placement of a review. They've always been sorted by date of the review. But either way, my point still applies: Leaving a review on a demo item is the reviewer's own conceit at best, intentional malice at worst. Because I can just grab one to determine it's worth for myself, why would I bother even looking at the reviews, much less caring what they say?

    Generally I find that the demo reviews are more honest than the full product ones for a few reasons.

    One is that several big creators (which I can't name here, but makers of certain best-selling body parts for one) offer lindens for five stars, completely compromising the integrity of any reviews left. (this is also a topical pet peeve of mine...)

    The second is that they avoid the sunk-cost fallacy.

    I don't leave a lot of reviews myself, but every time I'm looking to buy something I read the reviews for both full product and demo, along with trying the demo for myself. But a hundred pairs of eyes can notice a lot of details that I'd miss when inspecting the demo alone. That approach hasn't steered me wrong yet. But that's just how I do it, and I don't want to make it seem like I'm imposing my opinions on anyone here.

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  16. Just now, Alyona Su said:

    You don't up or downvote Market Place reviews. The reason reviews on Demos are so silly? Because it's a demo - reviews by others are moot; you can just get one and review it for yourself, so whatever others say is meaningless.

    You do effectively up or downvote them with the "was this review helpful for you" button, though!

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