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  1. For what it's worth, nostalgia aside, I think the new logo is a pretty solid upgrade. It stands out more, is more invigorating, and the eye is more clearly visible. Feels more modern, will absolutely appeal to newcomers more.

    But quite a few of the backgrounds and banners will have to be changed out to look nicer behind the blue.

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  2. 49 minutes ago, Arduenn Schwartzman said:

    Changing the permission system would probably break the SL completely.

    Instead, appeal to your favorite creators to have their stuff set to Mod (with scripts No Mod). And enlighten them that there are no adverse effects to setting their mesh things to Mod. It will remain as vulnerable to copybotting as No Mod mesh is anyway.

    Maybe all wear a tag or T-shirt saying: "I won't buy your No Mod mesh!"

    And maybe it's an idea for merchants to have a tag that says: "My mesh is Mod."

    I wish. So often, I politely request modifiable releases, saying I'd happily pay fatpack prizes for them, and never ever do the creators change their minds on it. Not once in 14 years. I've not even managed to convince anyone to make their scripts deletable!

    I don't know why people are so stubborn about it, but it's just the way of SL things.


  3. I seriously don't understand why so few stores mark if their clothes are modifiable in-world. Often I find myself having to browse their marketplace store to make sure, which entirely eliminates the chance of impulse purchases. Good for my wallet, perhaps, but annoying.

    All it takes is three letters on the vendor. M, C and T, and you color those or circle them or anything really - put in at least that little bit of extra effort.

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  4. I love arcades too, the atmosphere is amazing. Sadly, all the real ones died and faded away.

    There are two great ones that I know of in SL that aren't gambling.

    One is at Flotsam Beach, the same place as the 7seas fishing game.

    The other is at Palmwood, as Joysticks. It's a furry sim but everyone is quite welcome.

    I believe Madpea might have an arcade too, but don't quote me on that.

    As for worlds like SL - yes. I've been dreaming of various virtual worlds since childhood. 


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  5. I'm tempted to make a bingo sheet for SL events.

    Crop top. Waist-high jeans. Micro-kini. Micro-skirt. Generic cocktail dress. Corset. Yet another pack of basic eye colors. Butt-shorts (I don't know what you call them, but it's those shorts that are so short that your rump is entirely bare)

    I don't know if I've been spoiled or if the inspiration really is at an all-time low for SL fashion.

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  6. 10 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Again you are assuming things that simply are not true. I do not have an "inordinate amount of terribly rude people" coming to the sim I live in and I never said I did or even implied I did. You jumped to that conclusion based on... nothing.

    Stop telling people they cannot have personal space in SL without having to post billboards. That is simply not true.

    Well, my apologies then? I've clearly lost track of what's even being discussed. Sorry!

  7. 5 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    You're barking up the wrong tree. I've been in SL long enough to know how it works. You are making a boat load of incorrect assumptions on top of making things far more complicated than they need be. I already "avoid a lot of frustration" simply by not going to places that are not open to the public (those places are usually group only) and by asking permission to be in someone's personal space if they haven't given it. And by respecting their want/need for personal space to be personal.

    You are telling me that I can't have my store and my home on the same parcel AND have other people respect my personal space. I call bs.

    I do not live on mainland.

    Not at all, that's not what I'm saying. But I do remember a few shops where they have private homes next to the shop, and the buildings look exactly the same from the outside. I can't name any names here, but when I shop there, I see people wander to the wrong one all the time.

    Also, coincidentally, in real life - if a shop owner lives on the same property as the shop is on, there's typically a sign reading "private" or similar on the home part of it, because otherwise people might assume there's more shop there.

    It is, of course, also entirely possible that your sim just happens to attract an inordinate amount of terribly rude people, but it's not an experience I've ever really had in our virtual wonderworld.

  8. 1 minute ago, Beth Macbain said:

    Why is that, though? SL looks a lot like RL to me... or a pixelated version of it anyway. A home is a home. I assume it's private. Maybe if it's something other than a house, like a space station or warehouse, but something that is clearly living quarters feels different to me. I don't know what makes the rules different in SL. I'm not disagreeing with you, just wondering about the why. 


    Well, I've personally never had a stranger visit when living in a house-like house, like the linden homes, for example. They only tend to arrive when your home isn't entirely recognisable as one, in my experience.

    Or course, our social groups and living sims are probably entirely different, but I can't imagine that unwelcome visitors are that common in white-picket-fence style homes or apartments.


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  9. 14 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    If someone can't tell the difference they should do the right thing and stay out until given permission to enter unless otherwise posted. Let those who want strangers to feel free to abuse the privilege put up Welcome signs and let the rest of us be in peace without no trespassing signs.

    Or we could all be reasonable human beings and respect each other by staying out of personal spaces unless given permission to be in them thus avoiding cluttering up the land with unwanted and unneeded ad farms that were banned years ago.

    The problem is that you're expecting people to follow real life norms in a space where almost none of the symbolism and patterns of real life are present. We recognize a home in real life, generally. But in SL it could be anything from a forest clearing (public access in real life!) to a cruise ship (where you're implicitly invited onboard in exchange for money).

    I'm really not trying to say that you're wrong, I'm trying to say how you can avoid a lot of frustration. I'd imagine that if you get a lot of unwelcome visitors, your home doesn't look like what one would expect a home to look like in reality. So you have to compensate for it, or use the tools SL has provided you with.

    Assuming that every area is private unless personally invited would be the death of social spaces in SL. A barn? A warehouse? A space station? I wouldn't enter any of those in real life, but that's how most clubs and lounges in SL look.

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  10. I wouldn't mind, unless they disrupted whatever I was doing at the moment. They can't mess anything up, so as long as they don't actively bother me otherwise, it doesn't really matter to me.

    While I'm offline, I typically encourage friends to just pretend my home is theirs if they want to use it for any kind of activities. I wouldn't mind strangers doing the same, as long as they clear out when I actually do get on. And if not, then I kick them.

  11. 9 minutes ago, AyelaNewLife said:

    Because the system avatar skin is broken up into three sections; upper body, lower body and head. The head section includes the neck. The gradual and organic transition to the mesh bodies of today continued that tradition; thus mesh bodies covered the upper and lower body sections, and the seam with mesh heads falls neatly on the seam between the body sections and the head section.

    I have no idea why the furry community broke the mold with their setup. Most likely someone saying "wait that's dumb, lemme fix".

    Oh, that's pretty interesting. It does make sense from that perspective.

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  12. Here's a thing.

    Why do human heads in SL come with built-in necks?

    Surely the neck should be part of the body rather than the head? That's how furry heads have always worked. It's an excellent way to avoid neck seams too (granted, by hiding them somewhere less obvious, but still!)

    Sure, you get used to it, and if everyone does it, it works. But it's nonsense, I tell you.



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  13. 42 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    i'm affraid that's too late, Asia and most of Europe are heading to lift the lockdowns to lot lower levels .. with some luck US and other later hit countries will follow not too long after it.
    It won't be as before but less restricted social contacts in RL might lead to the current rise of returners and newbies go down.

    This isn't going to be the last of the lockdowns and the restrictions, I fear. Countries will - as a fairly reasonable guess - be pretty stop-and-go for a while yet. Open up, treat the wave of infections and close down again, repeat until a vaccine is found.

    I do think it's a pretty decent time to go premium, but the only worthwhile thing about it, really, if you don't get the 500L stipend, is that you get to own land.

  14. 29 minutes ago, Alwin Alcott said:

    we'll see   .. he can focus more on SL now the moneypit is gone.
    Only hope he won't alienate the old(er) userbase with to much glitterari, movers and shakers, LL doesn't have a good reputation with big changes.

    Hey, in the old days SL was full of them! Companies like Dell, Nissan, and even Weather Channel (!!!) had sims. Some celebrities too. I find there to be a certain charm in interacting with them on what's basically a level playing field.

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  15. 5 minutes ago, IvyLarae said:

    I've had people tell me if I didn't answer their questions correctly then I must be a man irl

    First of all how the f*ck does answering questions prove that and if you're just meeting me how do YOU know if i answered wrong or not

    They have all kinds of rituals to determine real life bits. One of the big ones is divining it from how you type. (formal means male, too much slang also means male)

    But the fact is that even professional linguists only can guess gender about 60% of the time from typing habits... and never sex.

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  16. If you want a human body with a wide variety of clothing, the choices are really Slink (hourglass), Maitreya, and Belleza (freya).

    Maitreya is still very much in business, but I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you to demo all three before buying one!

  17. 50 minutes ago, AyelaNewLife said:

    Using Skyrim as an example is actually pretty darn accurate.

    The base game's character generation has a set of sliders which manages to be both have a low bar of entry, yet be powerful enough for most player's wishes. For those that want more control, RaceMenu gives a vast range of cosmetic options and sliders and a far more powerful customisation tool than the SL slider set.

    And of course, a slider set does not determine your actual look alone. Which body replacer you use has a massive impact on the way your body interprets those sliders, which skin textures you use greatly impacts your appearance, and there's a vast range of hair and cosmetic textures and addons to grant even more flexibility. I'd argue that, as an analogy for the SL avatar creation process, Skyrim is exceptionally faithful.

    However, to address your main point: it's incredibly difficult to condense down an existing set of sliders. RaceMenu expands the Skyrim sliders by introducing a whole new range of sliders, which when set to 0 (on a -1 to +1 scale) gives the same output as if the slider doesn't exist. That's entirely possible and practical. But the reverse? Shortening a set of sliders? I'm skeptical that's even technically possible, without some highly strange results.

    I'd imagine "simple mode" would be proportion locked! So for example, your arm length would change automatically based on your overall length, and so on. Perhaps for other things there'd be a few settings ("small nose", "big nose" and so on) that'd then scale based on head size. And some options that are practically never used like the various lopsided eyes would just be locked out entirely.

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  18. 14 minutes ago, Beth Macbain said:

    A person can buy a Monet, but I have to say I never understood why people do. I can replicate any art I see by eye without knowing a thing about art, and so can anyone else with a few minutes of free time. 🙄

    Some people have a talent for creating shapes, and some don't. A glimpse around SL (and these forums) sometimes makes me think that many who make their own shape have never actually seen a human body before. 


    It's not as if Monet created his paintings from nothing. He saw something aesthetically pleasing and recreated it with a paintbrush. Just as in this case, we'd see a pleasant shape and recreate it.

  19. The answer is fairly simple: pay if you want. But I have to say I never understood why people do. I can replicate any shape I see by eye without knowing the numbers, and so can anyone else with a few minutes of free time.

    Or you can make your own from scratch, and as long as you know basic proportions (and which proportions you can flaunt to good effect) you can manage just fine!

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  20. Whether or not flexi or mesh look better depends entirely on your hairstyle and what you're doing.

    Ponytail, dancing? Flexi literally every time!

    Long, loose hair, taking photos? Sure, give me that mesh.

    Short updo, doing everyday things? Hear me out, I know it's a crazy idea, but how about mesh with flexi details? You get all the graphical fidelity and some lively detail!

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