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  1. That's easy enough to fix. you can turn off nametags in your preferences (ctrl P) and you can hide the UI and incoming messages by hitting ctrl + alt + F1. Then just use whatever recorder you normally use.
  2. Use a tube I guess. Rez a tube on the ground, set path cut to 0.75 starting from 0.00 and add a texture to it. What exactly do you mean by "twisting" a prim?
  3. I took a look into the space navigator but the price was pretty shocking to me. I don't think I'm ready to shell out 100$. Right now I have a Logitech Attack3 joystick but I can't seem to rotate my flycam with it. Are there any cheaper alternatives to the space navigator out there? Or at least, is there a way to rotate the camera with a Logitech Attack3?
  4. Huh, I had no idea. Are these registration pages up to date with the new age changes?
  5. Just today, I was IMing someone for a landmark. When I opened up his profile, I noticed that his registration date was the 27th of febuary, 2011. Even though he signed up in 2011, somehow he managed to get a last name in the registration process. I asked him how he got it and he told me they gave him the option to choose it upon registering. I've seen a few other people like this in world on separate occasions. I know it wasn't a display name because my viewer doesn't have support for that. Is it possible to choose last names again?
  6. Just a little something that I whipped up while messing with windlight. I wanted to try and show the sky transitioning from dawn to night while moving through different sims. You wake up in FE with a bright orange sunrise and move sky. Moving on to a day in the city at Eros with a cool blue sky and a bright sun. Glimmering on the waves of Europa is a peach coloured setting sun with soft clouds sliding across the sky. The journey ends in Adams with the calm, quiet night. I'm trying to fine tune my camera work and actually get into some real machinima. Feedback is greatly appreciated :)
  7. Is there no way for her to contact support and ask what it was that she did?
  8. If you're on a teen account then you're unable to remove undergarments. Two solutions are: 1) Ask around for an invisible undershirt and/or underwear. 2) Press the keys ctrl+alt+D to gain access to the advanced menu. Go to Character > Character Tests > Toggle PG and you're set. Keep in mind this change switches itself off after you log out. Good luck!
  9. It's a half and half sort of thing. Recently the TOS changed allowing new members, age 16 or 17, to sign up as teens with all of the promised restrictions. Currently, the merge is being pushed back a few weeks as Terrence is looking over a few things about it so he feels comfortable with it, along with making some additions (there's going to be 4 teen only regions added called bonobos islands 1-4, yes I know, VERY poor choice of name lol) We're getting the official date next week, most likely in a blog post. There were also a few cases of teens filing tickets saying they were 16 and wished
  10. Hehe, well you can always tell your friend that Second Life is used differently by everyone. For some, it's a game, for some, it's a business tool and for some, it's a teaching aid. There really is no set definition for Second Life other than that it's a multi-purpose virtual world.
  11. It's a bit of a shame that the word "sex" has been attributed to things such as pornography, bondage, sadism or anything else on that long list. Can intimacy with your life partner really be deemed inappropriate, even if it is in a virtual world? I also agree with you about war. One of the main causes for these perceptions is the image created for them in the media. I've seen several ads for movies that depict the female character as some provocatively dressed supermodel who somehow came into life with a perfect body. Her male partner usually fits into some of the same categories. Normally,
  12. If only things were that simple. The issue here is teenage intercourse is not illegal. Intercourse between a teen and adult however, is. Not to mention sex beds and prim genitals are not allowed on the teen grid to begin with. The content is never removed because no one takes any action against it. I have never seen anyone reporting every single Maroon Bed lying around in the sandboxes.
  13. BLAZE. I checked 2 days ago and if i turn my draw distance up enough I can see into adult sims on a non age verified account. .. either a or b will happen ... a) that will be abused and we'll all lose second life... or b) landowners will be held responsible for what happens on their land and you will see an exodus to another grid. It was and still is a terrible idea to bring you guys here because LL did not do NEAR ENOUGH in my opinion to protect you or us and dont get me into the copyright violations that I know you guys will commit by copybotting. 1) Yeah the draw distance is definitely
  14. There are VERY FEW PG sims that do not share at least ONE border with a Mature sim, or have a mature sim less than one sim away. Adjust your draw distance, and you can see 2 sims away. Plenty of ADULT content on mature land. Just look around. I double checked just now. I was standing in a PG sim and could see everything going on in the neighboring mature sims and beyond that too.
  15. Today's TOS update has opened the door to the teens regardless of all of the childish tantrums being thrown by the "adults". I am sure the Lindens reading this blog had some lulz. I can understand why the merge is happening. The map is filled with empty sims that no one is buying and it makes sense to close up the smaller grid and fill up the empty spaces on the larger grid. I do not understand why there is so much panic and hysteria over the teens coming to the main grid. Keep the sex out of the PG sims and in the adult parcels like the TOS requires you to do. Then there is nothing to worr
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