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  1. I just got rid of this problem and I use AVG...after uninstall -reinstall over and over, and still getting this message, I went to my AVG - Options - Virus Vault - and re-activated the plugin. Another message came up from AVG afterwards to block again.. I allowed it and now it is working just fine. Hope this helps someone as it took me a while to figure out.
  2. Hi, I'd just like to say... I was crashing every time I went into edit. I build and it was getting really annoying. I read a lot of different things on how to fix it and this is how it worked for me. Clear cache ( edit- preferences- web) Re-start second life only up until the log-in screen...then drop your screen and clean up disk space (on my pc windows 7, go to control panel-performance and maintenence- it should pop up at the side bar - clean disk space , this should take a couple of minutes) Log into second life as normal I also removed all mesh items I was wearing...in my case hair
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