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  1. There's clearly a troll (or multiple) targeting furry creators, exploiting the fact that almost nothing actually belongs in the Furry Accessories category. It especially has to be a troll given that some creators have had their content flagged again after it's been relisted in a more appropriate category. ? I started a Jira last month that was rejected, maybe because I was too specific in the categories wanted? But I'm happy that one of the other Jiras has been accepted and we might get some progress with this problem. It's not right to crowd everything in a single category, and it's not right to have it all spread out with human content either, where it won't get found or gets in the way of standard users looking for content.
  2. But if the clothes had modify permissions, you'd be able to tint them pink!
  3. I scanned through the thread and didn't see any mention of the W-9 form. if you aren't a US resident that is the one you need to fill out, NOT W-8BEN, and it should also be linked to in the email & support case requesting your RL information. If it isn't, reply to the support case and tell them that you need that form.
  4. I would build for 2, because that's the maximum that prefs allow without delving into the debug settings. Not everybody is savvy or confident enough to fiddle around with that. What's your lowest LOD like? It needs to be extremely cut down, to the point of being as close to cube or plane as possible.
  5. Majipoor needs a rollback too - I restored most of my build by hand, but a store on the opposite end of the sim fared much worse than mine D:
  6. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Warwick/93/66/22 (Sorry about the broken map image) Set for sale at 45k (now 25k!), however I would like to have it sold by Feb 14th, so other offers are welcome. Almost 1/3rd sim parcel comprising the majority of the beach and much of the ownable water, which slopes up to the North Blueway Linden highway. Protected on three sides - the road, and two sim borders crossing into protected waters. There is a Linden-owned water parcel in the southwest corner. Commonly visited by people exploring the waters of the teen continent. Auto-driven vehicles will occasionally slingshot through the middle of the parcel as they cross the eastern sim border.
  7. I agree absolutely, David; I just got what appeared to be the cheapest parcel in the whole of Bay City and it still amounted to the equivalent of $90 USD. Even for commercial use, I had to consider that for a bit before taking the plunge; if it were merely for 'fun' or a house or nonprofit hangout it would have been out of the question. That much dosh can go a long way towards entertainment expense That said, from reading this thread alone, what the Bay City Alliance do adds a huge amount of value to the area, and it's a good template to start with. The moles have done a brilliant job (I love the statue of the tophat mole x3). I think being here will be much more rewarding in every way than if I'd gone for a cheaper roadside parcel on the 'main' mainland. But yeah some of the prices are completely silly. u.u It's sad. There needs to be a medium between *zomgcheap* with thoughtless builds everywhere and *zomgexpensive* with empty parcels everywhere.
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