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  1. Hi, are you still looking for a rental? If you are please contact me inworld (Maurice1 Ethaniel) and I can help you with more prims and bigger size land with much less than L$2360/week. Also you don't need a sky platform to put your house on. It's so easy and I can show you how to do it... Regards, ME
  2. Hi Jen, I have mainland parcels on which I set up skyboxes. At the moment, I'm preparing a skybox with snow scenery (with animated snow, a log cabin, sounds when you walk on snow, etc). I guarantee at least 100 prims, and most importantly I guarantee that I won't sell the land on which I put the skybox on. So, no unexpected return of your objects... I understand that you're looking at a range of L$300-600. Please message me @ Maurice1 Ethaniel to discuss.
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