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  1. Again, again, and again, no- gender swapping isn't abuse in and of itself. I've a well-documented history of wearing male and female forms and not once have i ever used either in an abusive manner. If anyone cared to ask when I was female I'd tell them up front that I was a RL male; 90% of the time it didn't make a bit of difference. When I outed myself to my close friends in SL, it didn't make a bit of difference although it was a shock to them to hear my RL voice finally .

    So, no- playing as a male or female and not being that in RL is not abuse. HOWEVER... if someone tells you they are male or female in RL and YOU go telling others that personal RL information, that is a TOS violation


    Duath.Velde wrote:


    Okay, now, i've tried to find a singular statement on what ageplay exactly is and how it is restricted in Second Life.

    From what I understand, no sexual acts are allowed, period, with child characters. However, my question is how this effects avatars that are far older, but still appear young. For example, Elves, Certain Anthromorphs, Dwarfism, etc. where the character may appear to be under 18, but is actually well over let's say 60 for this example.


    What are the rules on -this-? I ask because I do not want to be in proximity of something considered 'illegal' by Linden, even if it is legal in the USA.


    You're not only having to run this past the TOS for clarity, but you're also getting into roleplay standards and practices which we all know vary widely from community to community.

    For instance, while in a certain roleplay community I can say I'm a 900-year old vampire, but I was turned when I was actually 10 years old and that's why  I appear so young... that's all fine and dandy, you can play as a child-looking 900-year old vampire, no argument there. BUT if you engage in anything that violates the TOS regarding 'child avatars' you are on your own if someone reports you- saying you're just roleplaying and giving an extensive history of your RP avatar isn't going to save you a bit.

    Just being 'around' a child avatar isn't in and of itself a violation in any sense of the word- it's what you do around that avatar that is the issue. It's clear you want to steer away from them to avoid any potential conflicts and that's a solid policy. If you DO find yourself i nclose proximity t oone or more, though, just mind your own business and play nice with them. If they start to get out of hand, you are perfectly welcome to excuse yourself from their little game and if it's bad enough you're perfectly welcome to report them, and should if it's that bad.

    Just remember: ROLEPLAY STORIES DO NOT COUNT- if it's a child avi engaging in bad stuff, that's all LL is going to look at, period.

  3. You'll find that 'babies' in SL grow up VERY fast- it's not much fun for your 'child' (the person behind the baby's avi) to log on and sleep for 15 hours a day

  4. My 2L$ opinion: I concur with the Alt Trap Strategy. Make a completely new alt- you don't even have to invest anything int it (More than enough 0L$ items on XStreet and in-world to get you not-so-noobish if you just can't stand it). Log in to that account ONLY for a while (and only on the standard SL viewer) and see if the alleged stalker shows up. Don't initiate contact at all, just make sure you have your chat logs anabled and be ready to take some screenshots (save to disk if you wish instead of spending the 10L$). Just watch and wait and see what they do. If the person initiates voice contact and harasses you, you can also do all sorts of things like audio and/or video capture to build your evidence. Needless to say, don't tell a soul- not even your best friend or your dog- about your brand-new Alt Trap account. And don't join ANY groups. AT ALL.

    However, the main thing at this point is determining: A) Do you *really* have a stalker, and B) If so, *how* are they tracking you. Once you have your alt on the ground, don't accept anything from anybody- not even a notecard- and just go about your business. If stalker still shows up, you know it's a deeper issue and your computer is probably hacked, in which case you've definitely got a real-world case on your hands.


    Unklebob.Hotaling wrote:

    I'm thinking of getting an alt, my inventory is wayyyy too full and I need the extra closet space.


    I'll let you borrow one of mine- she's CUTE ! hahahaha


    I *AM* going home- SOON (thanks the on-the-job-web-surfing-gods for allowing him his mind-numbing forum time)

  6. The best advice I can give someone just starting in SL is to treat it like it's The Real Thing- remember, ever avatar you see out there (disclaimer re: bots- you'll learn about those) has a real, live person on the other side of the screen and regardless of what they say about SL being a 'game' there are very real feelings and thoughts out there. SL has some brilliant minds as residents, and not so brilliant- but in general the most fun people are the ones who are themselves and play nice.

    If you decide to jump into a roleplaying community, of course all bets are off and you're on your own to play as you desire- but as long as you're in 'general society' in SL, please be nice and treat everyone just as you would if you met them on the street for the first time.

    As for learning 'the system', it is admittedly a lot to learn; don't despair though, we've all been there and done stupid noob things (some still do) but it will become second nature soon enough. Don't be afraid to ask questions, ever.

  7. The first part has already been answered, so I'll try and tackle the second:

    It all boils down to improvisation. What you'll be looking for is probably some variation on a satyr or faun type avatar; for the adult or teen version it's not that big a deal, just wear the hooves supplied with such avatars and you're done, unles you want a more developed 'minotaur-esque' look.

    For a more adult look, you might want to to look at the 'monstrous minotaur' avatar offered by SENSE; use the parts you like and you'll be looking sharp.

    For the baby human-taur i'm thinking you should grab a Wynx Tiny Avatar- probaby the tiny Buffalo or one of the darker Tiny cows. You can use that (with an appropriate head change to human baby, of course) for some time until you decdide kiddo is all grown up.

    This is one of those cases where in order to get the look you want you're going to have to experiment, adapt and improvise quite a bit. Good luck with it!!

  8. I'm looking at my screen, faced with three instances I've had to log in to various pages on the SL website: Commerce Forums, My Dashboard, and now for SL Blogs.

    Why the burning need for multiple logins? Why not let a single login suffice for access to the entire site. It's not that big a deal, but I'm gettting tired of having to log in for this or that every time I go to a new page, when my login info is already there.

    Somebody help me out on this please- any good reason for it?

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