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  1. who says Im not already over there? I can be here and there. And you can have my stuff for a ridiculously huge price.
  2. Are these full regions going to be 20k prim or 30k prim for the $349? and Prokofy Neva, I dont go to Starbucks its too expensive
  3. I for one agree with those who are saying that the land prices in SL are ridiculously high. Other grids cost way less and they are not as bad as people are saying. People are definitely moving out of Second life. I use to come online and see the numbers of online players and it was over 350,000 on a regular evening. On weekends it was over 500,000 easily. Now I come on and I barely see 20,000 people on during the weekends. Wake up SL. Giving a few more prim and a little more land to premium users is not going to keep us here. Try reducing the cost of land to $150 and the transfer fees
  4. it seems that everyone is having this issue, voice breaking up then completely stopping. Vivox is the voice system behind second life and firestorm etc. There is no way to reach vivox except leaving a note on their site. Its getting ridiculous, sl says its vivox, but vivox is working on other grids and on skype, etc... Not sure its a vivox issue
  5. whats going on with voice? Its been breaking up and shutting off for days!!! Getting a little annoying...wait...no... A LOT annoying. and NO its not just me
  6. Is SL a game? Good question. I think its more of an avenue to either exploit your own talents as far as building scripting or even singing in a karaoke club. There is Roll play (RP) on RP sims that are provided by many people. There are places to visit of interest that people have put up like the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, Jules Vernes Museum, Mountain Climbing, etc... pretty much anything you would love to do in Real Life is here on Second life. You can meet interesting people from all over the world on SL... Like real life you have to pick and choose your friendships carefully. J
  7. I just updated my display driver (Radeon 4650). Now Firestorm will not let me onto Second life. The message reads Firestorm is unable to run because your video card drivers did not install properly, are out of date, or are for unsupported hardware. Please make sure you have the latest video card drivers and even if you do have the lastes, try reinstalling them. I have tried three times I dont know what else to do.
  8. ok its not on the Linksters List and I have no idea how to find the garbage collector on the sim wish i did but if you can give me an LM i might be able to find it
  9. I rezzed a horse bundle that I purchased and it did not rez it isnt in my lost n found, objects nada
  10. Singularity has a tools format that Iove and I am not liking the new viewer tools format. How about making both types of formats for those of us who dont want to have to switch and relearn. We just wanna play the game not have to relearn the tools over and over again. I undertstand that you are trying to help by having better tool formats but maybe you can just improve on the format at hand and still have it look the same. Its harder to keep playing on a game you get frustrated with. Also the prices of things in SL are ridiculously high and Im sure you will find lots that are willing to ke
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