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  1. Ok, I'm using the latest version of Phoenix, I've got everything updated, I logged in earlier today (april 4, 2011) twice just fine, but I log in now (about 3 PM SLT) and everything's not working, and I do mean everything, my inventory won't load at all, my avi and everyone elses won't load, they stubbornly remain clouds (unless they rebake in which case they're all ruthed), my linden balance in the corner doens't load, my friends list won't load, profiles, even my own, will not load, even people's display names wont load, heck even my non display name, my account name over my own head reads that it's loading and stays that way.  I cannot even change my group tag.

    Now nothing, and I do mean nothing at all has changed since when I logged on earlier today with no problems at all, i haven't updated, installed/uninstalled anything (other than the viewer to try and make it work), haven't really done anything at all, everything's the exact same except for the fact that SL isn't working.  I've tried clearing and deleting cache, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Phoenix, I've tried character tests, I can't use a folder to reset my avi because I can't get to my inventory, I can't get to edit my appearance because that option is blocked out, I'm at a loss as to what to do.

    EDIT:  I just got brave enough to log in on my alt, and my alt has absolutely none of these issues, the alt account works just fine in every way

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