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  1. RL vamps (if real) chilly scarey, film vamps meh maybe scarey, SL vamps fappin hilarious! A vamp who needs a database? Cmon where is that in any story.
  2. PeterCanessa Oh wrote: Most "contests" seem to be about whoever has the most friends wins anyway. No, that isn't fair or ethical. This is like politics in most (democratic) countries. In theory they're about principles and policies but hardly anyone thinks about those, they just vote for the same as their friends/family/community. Changing a "contest" so it is about whoever pays most wins doesn't make things worse. It's still not ethical - because it's not really a contest - but it's not less ethical. At least in SL the idiots with money don't get anything out of it though. This is just like politics in America and other countries where bribery is everything - it pretends to be a contest but is really just an auction. Neither of those mean that such things shouldn't be allowed in SL though. Having a count of friends or an auction and calling it a contest may not be ethical but landowners can do whatever they want on their land. PS: The nearest thing I've seen to real contests are newbie Show & Tell and Blitz Build contests. Great way for beginners to learn how to create and earn some starter money. ETA: Have to add that I have quite happily paid to take part in and vote in such 'contests' when they were declared fundraisers. I could add to this but changing the font to a more stylish one would seem elitist.
  3. Lucinda Bulloch wrote: Governed no, most here, well in this forum should be in dog food tins. Can you promise they'll be soundproof and that you don't own a tin opener?
  4. JeanneAnne wrote: PeterCanessa Oh wrote: I'd defend your position but you'd say I was being patronising so I'll just provide an example to support it: The major difference between copying code, music, etc. and taking a bicycle, computer or other tangible item is exactly that - it is copied, not taken. Therefore no-one is denied its use. From a utilitarian view "the greatest good" is increased by copying and thus maximising the availability of such intangibles. (I'll leave it to you to explain how the greater good is served by having starving programmers and composers hanging around making the place look untidy) I was thinkinga bout this the other day .. Was thinking that making it so an item in SL couldnt be copied & shared was like an animal breeder only selling neutered animals If i acquire something in SL why shouldnt i be able to copy it & share it w/ others for free? Only because the person who made it is selfish & wants to be the only one who can distribute copies of it for profit .. thats why !! Code is readily replicable .. so why artificially make it difficult to replicate ?!? Only due to the greed of the scripter .. apparently .. This is just 1 example of capitalist pathology.. there are many more: planned obsolescence, non-interchangeability of components, brand redundancy, the engineering of faux need ........ & on & on .. Yet ppl defend this craziness as if their well-being depended on it !! Guess they've been indoctrinated to believe it does Jeanne Please feel free to put your thoughts on a pay per view basis. I for one wont object.
  5. The theory that the Large Hardon Collider would pound us in to a black hole was an illogical phallacy
  6. forgot that option! thanks so much. I would have remembered just after I bought it!
  7. Sorry to ask because it seems a numbnuts question but just need somebody to confirm what I think I know before I buy some land. I pay atm $25 USD a month for 4096 tier but only own 3400sqm. What I want to do is sell what I got and then buy as much land as I can within the 4096 tier to maximise my bucks for prims as there is no land for sale in my present sim. Although the tier is 4096 is my actual allowed land usage 4096 + 512 = 4608 sqm and I will still only pay $25 USD for a 4096 tier level.
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