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  1. Thank you very much Nadine for pointing that out... what I did not include in the post is that my friend does pay for a sim. Not only that but they are a "Land Manager" for several sims and they also buys and sells Linden items along with purchasing of Lindens...They are almost working for Lindend Labs anyway... so LL is getting a good size portion of returns for their hard work. Yet with all this a matter as stalking goes with out notice??? Several of the posts said the same thing about owning/renting or any number of things. LL is making a profit in both monitarily and with linden. I have been told by many persons... some who have had accounts and droped them, that the difference between paying and not is negligable. Still if you are going to get ahead in SL your going to have to either invest in land, rent a piece of sim, rent a store space or just flat buy lindens either directly from LL or from a broker and even then the brokers are getting their lindens from someplace, land owners buy from LL, then you rent from them... then there is still fees paid to LL for that. So no matter how you slice the pie we are all customers in one way or another.
  2. Alysandra, I have a friend who has had the same problem, also with them being immediatly located by a different account, different IP address, going so far as using a "friends" account, they made their sim Private, even closed their sim and opened a new one. No matter what was done the stalker seemed to find them.... and several times my friend was located within a 15 minute time span. This person was even stalked into their real life, Yahoo, MSN, and managed to aquire personal informaton. This has gotten to be a real bad situation. I have managed to get them to look at filing a stalker harassment. They know the exact name of the person and have reported this problem to Linden Labs and was told unless it was a Premium account no actions would be taken. I have been told by not less than 5 persons that have had troubles, they have gotten a similar responce from Linden Labs about problems with stalking, even when the "report guidelines" as stipulated by Linden Labs is exactly followed. I find it rather interesting that upon doing internet searches that other countries are taking actions not only within Second Life to protect their citizens but also against Linden Labs. Anyone can search the internet and find this information. Here it is I start looking for stalking problems trying to find help for my friend and I find too much posting of persons having issues with not finding solutions. Then to come across this post which describes my friends problem, someone posted about their "stalker" poping in on them after changing accounts and taking all precautions to prevent this, and it was even replyed "it could be someone at linden labs.. but I doubted this"... From all the postings I have been going through, everything I have been reading, and this post not to be excluded, at this time I am not so sure Linden Labs does not have a stalker in their midst. What I find alarming is that every matter found when says that Linden Labs has been contacted... it is posted that they refused comment. How can it be that other countries are going to extent to protect their citizens against stalkers... Oh yes there are several places that "suggest" legal action be taken, or to follow the LL complaint guidelines and file a report. Why are other countries going to such extreams yet here is the U.S. we appear to be ignored..... Can anyone explain this? I also have another item for contemplation... Everything there is, Second Life, Second Life Help, SL Services, Forums, Forum Help, even Linden Labs.com has no direct contact information. Oh yes there are plenty of links to Forums, Online Help, Account Help, Asking Questions including immediate help for "Premium Accounts".... every type of help that can be accounted for...with the exception of harasment and stalking. I would think with all the posting, all the searchable items on the internet, that by now Linden Labs would have set up something specifically for this... other than the "reporting guidelines"............. or did I miss something???
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