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  1. Thank you very much Nadine for pointing that out... what I did not include in the post is that my friend does pay for a sim. Not only that but they are a "Land Manager" for several sims and they also buys and sells Linden items along with purchasing of Lindens...They are almost working for Lindend Labs anyway... so LL is getting a good size portion of returns for their hard work. Yet with all this a matter as stalking goes with out notice??? Several of the posts said the same thing about owning/renting or any number of things. LL is making a profit in both monitarily and with linden. I ha
  2. Alysandra, I have a friend who has had the same problem, also with them being immediatly located by a different account, different IP address, going so far as using a "friends" account, they made their sim Private, even closed their sim and opened a new one. No matter what was done the stalker seemed to find them.... and several times my friend was located within a 15 minute time span. This person was even stalked into their real life, Yahoo, MSN, and managed to aquire personal informaton. This has gotten to be a real bad situation. I have managed to get them to look at filing a stalker
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