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  1. The next question is did you go into your account settings on the website and change your tier allowance to 0? Until you do that you WILL be billed weather or not you own land in world. I've been bit by that one myself once or twice over the years.
  2. Years ago I used to make the animations for that kind of thing. One night I came down from my sky platform to put out a new animation and promptly got yelled at by a couple who were having a grand old time on one of the display beds. They apparently didn't like an audience. Why they were doing it in a public shop I have no idea. SL is strange sometimes. After nearly 11 years on the grid I keep thinking I have seen it all and then someone pulls a new one. I don't know what software the bed your friend has uses but many of them let you restrict the adult animation while keeping the other ones active. That way you only turn on the adult animations when YOU want them. Might be worth checking in to.
  3. LOL!!! Yeah I recognized you as well though I think our interactions might have either been on the OLD SL Forums or a forum not run by LL. Either way Good to see ya Jumpy. At my SLage I think I have been necromanced myself.
  4. Make stuff and make things easier for my rather large extended family in SL.
  5. Please realize I haven't run a shop in like 6-8 years in SL. Is traffic even still a thing? I thought I remembered LL planning to do away with it.
  6. I gave up on my inventory about 6 years ago when we sold our sim. I probably have 10,000 objects names "Object" in there. Some day I am going to find a big sandbox and rez each one to see if it is worth keeping. Or at least that is what I have been telling myself for years. I suppose I should mention that a nearly 11 year old inventory can be a terrifying thing.
  7. You know what is funny I have been on hte grid for nearly 11 years and I doubt I have a dozen groups I am part of LOL
  8. Way back nearly 11 years ago a Lovely lady Named Petuca Chang (I probably spelled her first name wrong) met me at the Ahern landing point where all new residents landed. She suggested I follow her to get me away from the riff raff hanging out there. Only problem was I was coming from TSO and couldn't remember how to walk here (I was trying to click the ground). By the time I figured out how to walk the lady had vanished off into the unknown and I was left to fend for myself. I often wondered what she though of that incident. I find it hilarious now. I wandered around until I stumbled on the Ahern stage and there just happened to be a Q & A going on at the time. So I asked how I fed, bathed and used the bathroom here for my sim. Hey if you ever played the Sims or TSO you will get that one. I was terrified I would kill my character. There were a few laughs and I was ignored. SO I wandered around more and found the sandbox. People were BUILDING THINGS! No external 3D software. Building it right there in game. I went premium immediately. I had been making 3rd party objects for the sims for years. Even had a website so people could download the stuff. I was in Hog Heaven. I brought another family member to join me. We muddled through together taking every building class we could find. BLESS YOU Toy Lafayette! Over the years more and more family joined us until there were 72 of us in game. The rest is SListory. Of course this all begs the question of was I ever denoobified. 11 years in SL and I still wear default skin and hair and clothing layer clothes. I did break down and buy a pair of prim shoes 7 years ago or so.
  9. Well I am one of those earlish people June 2004 rezdate. No one owes me any thanks at all. I came and stayed because world building was an absolute blast. SL was just so darn interesting and different from anything out there. It sort of sucked you in. I do regret not getting the lifetime deal when I had the chance but money was so tight back then. I have been premium continuously since the end of my first week in SL though. As for the new platform. I find it bittersweet. SL has been home for so very long and it is always tough to say goodbye to home. At the same time I am really excited for the opportunity to world build again and see what rabbits LL has pulled out of their hats. As for 10 years worth of stuff? WHo cares maybe I will be able to find something in my inventory.
  10. I'd probably go with Spam or not allowed listing practices Certainly an item that violates the TOS is not allowed to be listed
  11. I don't remember ever having to pay to play primtionary or trivia or a speed build game contest run by a host. If you don't pay in I don't see how it falls under this policy. Edit : At tip is not something required and in many cases is never given. It also pretty much happens after the event. As long as it is not required to pay a "Tip" then I don't see the contest falling under this. If there is no pay to play it is not under this.
  12. its 21 in my state which IS on the list LL prohibits. So I suspect that is a fair chunk of why my state is on the list.
  13. Yeah I was really shocked to see my state on the LL list since online gaming is legal. The only reason I can see that they put us on the list is our minimum age is 21 and LL's policy is 19. I can see that LL might consider someone under 21 from my state accessing these games as too great a risk and blacklisted all the residents from my state to be safe. Not justifying the position (I think it is stupid) but it is a possible explaination of the thinking. EDIT: Let me clarify. I think it is stupid because LL could just as easily set the minimum age for Games of skill In SL at 21 and avoided the whole mess.
  14. I think the most sane approach LL could take on this is goes as follows. The creator must provide the legal documentation to get the game approved. Once a game is on the approved list then and owner could provide a sworn/notarized statement that they are only using unaltered approved games on their property. Creator has to go the lawyer route the opperator does not in this scenario. Both paying what is in effect a gambling license fee is pretty much expected. Placing the games only on gaming sims is basically a zoning ordinance. I suspect LL could build a flag that simply prevents someone who resides in an area in RL that does not permit such games from ever entering one of those sims. LL after all has our billing information and is requiring billing information to be a player of these games. I do agree that a LSL call would be a good thing to further weed out those who try to sneak past the policy. If the game will not run by an internal check built into the script when placed on a non gaming sim that solves the problem of the small operator trying to slip through the cracks by being on the mainland. As for the higher cost of the monthly fees for a gaming sim I am really not sure how that is justified. Keeping people out of those sims that should not be there is an automated process. The owner of the sim is already paying a fee for the gaming license + an additional quarterly fee. Unless LL is providing better servers for gaming sims I really do not see a legitimate reason for this additional monthly land cost.
  15. Yes I do Live on mainland. Some of us like that model better than renting from a landbaron. I made my L$ years ago Also I am one of the old ones that get 500 L$ a week accounts. THere is not much I need to buy as I can make pretty much anything I need. SO really I fully expect what I have left from my creator days to last quite handle till SL2 come. Edit :Rereading what you said. If you change your lindex settings to advanced and are willing to wait a few days you can get a better deal on L$ by doing a limit buy on hte Lindex than the Market buy or the button on the viewer.
  16. I want what I have wanted for the better part of 10 years. A decent new user experience that actually teaches newbies how to function and includes avatars that look reasonably decent. COme on LL the new Mesh starter AVs are horrible. SKins that look like plaster walls.
  17. As a guy who has only changed one thing about his avatar since 2004 I want to point out one mistake. He IS wearing shoes. That is what flat system shoes look like. LOL That is also the one thing I have changed about my avatar since 2004. I bought a pair of prim shoes about 5 years ago. Now I keep my AV as he is because this has been my identity here for so long it just would not be me otherwise. I also keep him this way because I don't lag and never spend more than a second as a cloud even in busy place. I have lost track of when OZ joined the lab maybe he is one of the older ones like me. Ebbe nope no excuse based on age there. I could make an argument that if they regularly have to deal with crowds the faster loading times and reduced lag might be part of the reason behind the avatar choices.
  18. Not sure if it is still possible but you used to be able to check a setting (in preferances maybe?) that your Avatar did not show in search.
  19. About half my family is Canadian. THey love that dance moves video so I thought I would share it:)
  20. Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian family and friends
  21. Qie Niangao wrote: Darkness Anubis wrote: The other reason MP became king is the ability to skip the Real money to L$ step and just buy with real money on the marketplace. We can't do that in world. Oh good heavens, I hope not! Have you ever calculated the effective L$ exchange rate on Marketplace RL-currency sales? On the other hand, that would prove that buyers are fine with spending an extra 30% on commissions. I generally advise people never to use a "Market Buy" order on the LindeX because they can do about 3.5% better with a "Limit Buy", but that's dwarfed by the penalty for using RL currency on the Marketplace. Sorry for the tangent, but our OP doesn't love us anymore, so now we're free to do whatever we want with this thread. Yippee! Oh I know quite well what the rates are like on the Market Buy on Lindex and I agree never use it. I know many people who simply prefer the convienience of buying with cash on the Marketplace. They don't care that the rate that they are getting is ridiculous. They get their shiny now. Same reason some people still use that little 'Buy L$" button on the viewer. It is fast, simple and convienient. That rate is pretty abyssmal as well.
  22. Feldspar Millgrove wrote: What makes you think SL 2.0 will have "Land"? Just my 2L$ on it I think that if LL is planning to keep the spirit of SL as Ebbe has stated then there will have to be some sort of land system. Part of what makes SL what it is, is the continuous landscape and the ability to have one's own place in it. Be it a small home plot, a large themed build, a shopping mall or club. The interconnected nature of much of the grid facilitates so many things for the residents. Boating, FLying, Driving require vast interconnected regions to explore. Neighborhoods and themed area require interconnected zones. Many people just fly from region to region exploring. Take awy that ability and you loose the sense of what SL is. There will be some sort of continuous land system. There has to be or LL will have failed at it's stated goal. What form it will take no one knows.
  23. I have said for years the best thing they could do to fix the Land issues and encourage more land ownership is to do away with the tier system entirely and go to a flat xCost/SqMeter system. Yes the amount it is set at means some would spend a bit more per meter and some a bit less. The beauty of the system is that people would be willing to pick up tht odd adjoining plot to their own because they can pay just for that rather than being bumped up to the next tier and paying WAY more a month. Example I own a 4096 so my tier level is US$25 a month If a 512 next to me opens up. I would love to have it but because of the tier system It would bump me up to $40 a month. Um no I will live without the 512. Now what if instead I was playing a flat rate. Say $.006 per meter (25/4096) then that 512 would only add $.006x512=$3.07 additional monthy to the $25 I am already paying. I would buy that 512. I also think premium in order to buy land needs to go. Anyone should be able to buy land. Many more people would happily own land if they didn't also need to have a premium act. BTW before free accounts existed there was a one time $9.95 act available and they COULD own land. It went away with the advent of free acts. Just my thoughts on what I would like to see with land in the future.
  24. Mirika Drasilova wrote: I had that happen to me too, logged in found a couple using my stuff and they screamed at me for interupting them how dare i, didn't I know it was rude to interupt things in rp etc etc, I had logged off afte laying down on my own bed and rezzed right in the middle of them. LOL I actually considered rezzing a chair and popcorn and making snarky comments on their technique but then I decided naw....they might like it.
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