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  1. The next question is did you go into your account settings on the website and change your tier allowance to 0? Until you do that you WILL be billed weather or not you own land in world. I've been bit by that one myself once or twice over the years.
  2. Years ago I used to make the animations for that kind of thing. One night I came down from my sky platform to put out a new animation and promptly got yelled at by a couple who were having a grand old time on one of the display beds. They apparently didn't like an audience. Why they were doing it in a public shop I have no idea. SL is strange sometimes. After nearly 11 years on the grid I keep thinking I have seen it all and then someone pulls a new one. I don't know what software the bed your friend has uses but many of them let you restrict the adult animation while keeping the other ones
  3. LOL!!! Yeah I recognized you as well though I think our interactions might have either been on the OLD SL Forums or a forum not run by LL. Either way Good to see ya Jumpy. At my SLage I think I have been necromanced myself.
  4. Make stuff and make things easier for my rather large extended family in SL.
  5. Please realize I haven't run a shop in like 6-8 years in SL. Is traffic even still a thing? I thought I remembered LL planning to do away with it.
  6. I gave up on my inventory about 6 years ago when we sold our sim. I probably have 10,000 objects names "Object" in there. Some day I am going to find a big sandbox and rez each one to see if it is worth keeping. Or at least that is what I have been telling myself for years. I suppose I should mention that a nearly 11 year old inventory can be a terrifying thing.
  7. You know what is funny I have been on hte grid for nearly 11 years and I doubt I have a dozen groups I am part of LOL
  8. Way back nearly 11 years ago a Lovely lady Named Petuca Chang (I probably spelled her first name wrong) met me at the Ahern landing point where all new residents landed. She suggested I follow her to get me away from the riff raff hanging out there. Only problem was I was coming from TSO and couldn't remember how to walk here (I was trying to click the ground). By the time I figured out how to walk the lady had vanished off into the unknown and I was left to fend for myself. I often wondered what she though of that incident. I find it hilarious now. I wandered around until I stumbled on the A
  9. Well I am one of those earlish people June 2004 rezdate. No one owes me any thanks at all. I came and stayed because world building was an absolute blast. SL was just so darn interesting and different from anything out there. It sort of sucked you in. I do regret not getting the lifetime deal when I had the chance but money was so tight back then. I have been premium continuously since the end of my first week in SL though. As for the new platform. I find it bittersweet. SL has been home for so very long and it is always tough to say goodbye to home. At the same time I am really excited fo
  10. I'd probably go with Spam or not allowed listing practices Certainly an item that violates the TOS is not allowed to be listed
  11. I don't remember ever having to pay to play primtionary or trivia or a speed build game contest run by a host. If you don't pay in I don't see how it falls under this policy. Edit : At tip is not something required and in many cases is never given. It also pretty much happens after the event. As long as it is not required to pay a "Tip" then I don't see the contest falling under this. If there is no pay to play it is not under this.
  12. its 21 in my state which IS on the list LL prohibits. So I suspect that is a fair chunk of why my state is on the list.
  13. Yeah I was really shocked to see my state on the LL list since online gaming is legal. The only reason I can see that they put us on the list is our minimum age is 21 and LL's policy is 19. I can see that LL might consider someone under 21 from my state accessing these games as too great a risk and blacklisted all the residents from my state to be safe. Not justifying the position (I think it is stupid) but it is a possible explaination of the thinking. EDIT: Let me clarify. I think it is stupid because LL could just as easily set the minimum age for Games of skill In SL at 21 and avoided
  14. I think the most sane approach LL could take on this is goes as follows. The creator must provide the legal documentation to get the game approved. Once a game is on the approved list then and owner could provide a sworn/notarized statement that they are only using unaltered approved games on their property. Creator has to go the lawyer route the opperator does not in this scenario. Both paying what is in effect a gambling license fee is pretty much expected. Placing the games only on gaming sims is basically a zoning ordinance. I suspect LL could build a flag that simply prevents someone w
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