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  1. Years ago I used to make the animations for that kind of thing. One night I came down from my sky platform to put out a new animation and promptly got yelled at by a couple who were having a grand old time on one of the display beds. They apparently didn't like an audience. Why they were doing it in a public shop I have no idea. SL is strange sometimes. After nearly 11 years on the grid I keep thinking I have seen it all and then someone pulls a new one. I don't know what software the bed your friend has uses but many of them let you restrict the adult animation while keeping the other ones
  2. I have been trying to help my niece for the past few months cope with similar uploading issues and no they are not completely solved but we are getting close. First thing is be absolutely certain all your rotation, translation and modifiers have been applied before you do the export to SL Collada to made the dae you will upload to SL. With avastar go back to the download link they sent you when you bought it and download the most recent update for it. MANY of the issues that caused distortions have been fixed. The thing to remember is Avastar is still a beta product there are going to be
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