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  1. I have some of those shirt already, actually. I believe the TOS requires them to be sold for a price. ***Update***... Maybe it is possible the TOS page was corrupted when I tried to look at it. Not sure if this applies to me. I think I'll need them to clarify for me. If I can use those I would be very happy cause they are nice meshes.
  2. There is a group, but it wont be required to be a group member to get one. It will be for a few different reasons. A welcome gift, and maybe different ones for prized for games in the park. I suppose it is technically a form of advertising.
  3. No. I definitely want meshes. I want a high quality product and I like to add texture and animated effects.
  4. I have an amusement park and I want to offer free t shirt gifts. I need meshes which I have full rights over. I have searched the marketplace for FP meshes that allows creators to used their meshes for gifts. I have found absolutely none. EVERYONE wants you to sell them for a price, which I understand. But I have even contacted some creators to ask if I may purchase special rights. Nos all around. I need some decent looking meshes that fit a variety of bodies that I can use to make free t shirts. Just fyi I will not cheapen the models. I make amazing textures and even animated shirts. These will not be half assed slapped together designs. I am willing to pay a fair price for the rights to already existing meshes, or for someone to design unique ones for me.
  5. I just bought my first ever private island, brand new. I have been there for a couple hours now, terreforming and such, and I keep trying to TP in friends but they simply cannot teleport. I have it set to be open to the public and moderate. Does it take hours to let others in? Is there something else I am missing?
  6. Who doesn't? haha. Please contact me inworld or leave a message here. Thanks!
  7. I understand that I can buy land from another avatar with grandfathered pricing and pay the 600 fee to retain the grandfathered tier. But can I buy a new, fresh, private island right now, pay down the extra 600 and be granted grandfathered pricing for doing so?
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