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  1. Jaidyn Piers Industries is Hirring what are we looking for we need talented people who can work with mesh and build any thing with mesh we are looking for some one who can import mesh models mainly cars atm we are starting a new line called Piers Motorz and we need your help if you are interested in joining our team please give me a im in world or send me a offline message to the second life my profile .. all team members well be paid in full for there work plus royiltys for each item sold that they worked on thank you jaidyn piers so lets Recape here for a minute WANTED ONE TALENTED MESH D
  2. Hello I own a Advertising agency in sl i would be happy to work with you well except i am a male not female but im really good lookin well i could maybe let you use my group search in world for Free Advertising 4 all or search jaidyn piers
  3. Hello no one is going to just hand you money my friend you have to look at this in a real business way you dont just go to a bank and say i need a loan you have to give them a reason on why they can trust you with there money like you gave us no reason im sure what ever business you want to try may have some kinda reason but you havent proved that me my self being in alot of business in sl from owning a well known mall to a race track to a group about avdertising i know how it works maybe send me a provite message in world and i could help you talk about your business ideas
  4. Hello I was just wondering when i set up a paypal account to use as a method of payment to transfer founds from my Sl account what account type on paypal should i sign up for PersonalFor individuals who shop online PremierFor individuals who buy and sell online BusinessFor merchants who use a company or group name
  5. Hello every one i was just wondering the credit that i have in my acount can i withdraw that amount to a Bank account , or does it have to go to pay pal also what are the Fees VIA pay pal or bank accounts
  6. Hello you may want to Check on the intel WEbsite they might have a update on ur driver for your card check with them first and download the new driver and see if that helps when u get to intel use search bar to search for graphic card driver
  7. Jaidyn Piers

    V2 or V3

    OK so I been noticing that we have long gone and passed Viewer 2 and are now on 3.2 so why do lindens keep calling it the offical Viewer 2 like idk why they failed to realise that its not even viewer 2 any more when we can clearly see it saw 3.2
  8. Since you are able to log in without crashing with an alt account, it seems unlikely to be a connection issue, which was my first thought. (I could be wrong and will not exclude this still). Somewhere along one of these paths - (Windows - In folder options, choose to show hidden files/folders.) XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\SecondLife\ Vista and Windows 7: C:\Users\<username>\appdata\roaming\SecondLife\ MacOSX - /Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SecondLife/ Linux - /home/<username>/.secondlife/ you should find a folder for your av
  9. well you can change the owner ship of a Group if the curent owner of that ground does not what to run the group any more and he or she feals that he would liek to pase the group onto you he or she can add you as co owner adn then the the curent owner can leave the group when the he leaves the new owner well be the owner of group the creator well still be the person who maid the group but he well have lost his rights to the group when he leaves it as for buying or selling a group i dont know if that is againts TOs or not you may want to look into that but if some one wants to sell there group
  10. NOOO allthough if u did know the person u could ask him or her if they wanted to sell there group if it was not being used but chances are they dont want to let it go
  11. Jaidyn Piers

    Log in Failed

    Hello I have had some problems in the past and I think it came back some times i would try to log into sl and it would take for ever for it to laod and log in then after that i well land in world and I crash i get the famus you have been loged out error and nothing els so i clear my cashe and then try to log in again same problem what do i do now well now i try and uninstall sl viewer I go into programs and deleat all the files in that foldor then click uninstalll then after that i restart my computer log into sl.com and reinstall sl again then when it loads i see my login info still there so
  12. Hello My name is Jaidyn Piers I have Started this project called Level 9 intell to day i was not sure what the name really ment i thought it was just my companys name for my market page then today i was thinking about this new look I turned my avitar into a sci fi combat military Avi so what have i thought about well I thought about Level 9 and what it really was and what it could become Level 9 is going to be the newest bigest Combat sim were we have a full running combat sim not only are we going to have a running combat sim we well allos keep Creating Products this is why i am Seeking a
  13. Ok this is really an easy fix and really simple to understand each dance animation that is installed into the dance ball has to have less then 24 characters in its name so if you have mod rights to the dance animations them self and to the dance ball you can then left click on the name of any dance in the ball and click rename now what I would do is name each dance as flowed Dance me 1 Dance me 2 Dance me 3 and so on list each of your dances that was its an easy way to remember what dance is what and simple please remember you don't need to use my example your welcome to make your own
  14. Hello Lindens I have a ? for you ok yes i understand that lindens dont read answer post well maybe they should ok here goes to every one now OK so mesh has been open for a few weeks now and well we have seen a lot of creators useing mesh and there is a mesh feature when listing them on market place but were is the mesh botton in the categorys were is it ok i know its not there because they have no thought about a category opstion for mesh well here is your chance lindens creat one PLEASE Thank you Jaidyn Piers................ I have Created a Jira report so if you would like to go see it he
  15. Go here they have some nice shop stalls for rent big and small great traffic active club on sim full main shop for the owners business its a great place to rent copy the SUrl into your broswer and tp in world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/0%200%20Aibonito/61/24/28
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