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  1. I figured it out; I forgot that I set up an animation override for the typing animation not long after I updated the viewer. I turned it off -- solved. Derp
  2. Callum Meriman wrote: Turn off your AO. That's the first thing I tried and besides... it never mattered before.
  3. After downloading the new Firestorm viewer I have had issues when sailing or flying across sim borders. My avatr goes from the sitting pose to just a generic sit on the prim. It's as if the sitting pose rejects my avatar to the default prim sit.
  4. I can hear them... I just can't see them. The viewing area is black.
  5. No... it's not an RenderVolumeLODFactor. Mine is set at 4.075. I'm thinking LL retracted them. They are older Linden issued plants, trees and sea plants. I'm just wondering if that's the case or not.
  6. Thanks, Theresa... that fixed it. Now I just need to update my Mac so I can turn that feature back on. But meanwhile I can still bang around in SL.
  7. I don't think it's my connection... I suspect it has something to do with the latest SL viewer update. The problem didn't happen until I did the update. I read about the new liquid mesh and it said to get the latest download of the viewer because the collision skeleton was different to accomodate the liquid mesh clothing. After doing that the lag was fierce and if I encountered any avatars the frame rate became impossible. Now I can't use SL at all.
  8. Why is SL so laggy all of a sudden?
  9. Check out this video... it looks like it could be an SL build.
  10. Check out this RL living space. SL in RL
  11. Check out this RL living space. SL in RL
  12. Evidentally you can use your avatar to lose weight. Avatars might encourage women to lose weight: Study
  13. I currently have an iMac7,1 with an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed:2, Bus Speed: 800 MHz. My connection speed is currently 2.59 Mbps. Is it my computer or connection speed that causes lag and won't allow for everything turned on? Which do I need to upgrade?
  14. I don't use it, but I do have Random on Facebook, even though I had to change "Random" to "Randolph" before it was accepted. Google + is taking it a step further and insisting only RL names are acceptable. Any of you that use Google + might want to watch this update.
  15. I'm getting only a few land maps to load... is anyone else experiencing this?
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