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  1. Just tried this viewer, as the 2.4 viewer makes me crash and doesn't load the objects and avi's on the Sim, inspite of the Phoenix 373 viewer. Instead of having all avi's wearing ???? Tags, now most of them have NO tags at all. Objects on the sim still do not rezz, and same as the 2.4 viewer, this also makes me crash in about 10 minutes. The Phoenix i still am forced to use has none of these problem.........
  2. Third attempt to reply :-) @ Insight: I hope the shopholders and simowners do not listen to your advice, because then SL will be gone..............Shopholders makes the SL economy alive, no shops, no income for shopholders and no income for the Simmrenters who have shops on their sims to help pay the SIMRENT. Leaving SL a place without great shops and clubs to goto. The comparrising about the sharks.....maybe you feel that way, but many are still here for fun and not to bite and feed on eachother. SL is still a place of fun in spite of all people who i have seen harrasing eachother. The way SL now is, we all can live with that and solve those problems. Having the name feature it will be become harder to deal with these thing, making SL a lesser safe place to be in when all peaple can misuse you name, even it only is as a Second name. And why make this feature available as i donot see anyone here that left SL because of his or her name is not liked by that person...and if so, a new name and avi is easily made, so why make it possible to change each week your name??
  3. Kaha, you have made a very important point there. I totally agree to that :-)
  4. Thank you Ladyjane for the correction, as i am dutch sometimes i do misspell some words :-) And Yes Calamity and Ladyjane, to my opinion Lindenlab can best give the members the opportunity to change their name in their account, and not as a feature in the SLworld. This will prefent lots of problems to all, the members and Lindenlab itself, and prefents us to make our own "keys" to let people see we are who we say we are..... We now don't need to do that either, making using a kinda "key"will make things to all complicated. :-) And about griefers..............lol i do have a complete archive of the last 3,5 years as a manager of griefers on SL, i have even seen someone made in his profile a link to a movie of his exSL partner to make her look bad towards all, that link is still in his profile. So that is how people can be towards eachother and towards expartners. Thank you both for reacting on my vision of this feature, and please forgive me if i misspel a word :-))...Lol.
  5. I can Imagine that people have problems with their current SL name. But WHY isn't there an option made to change the name in the account area, so your name is changed for ever ..........and checked for availability by LindenLab. That way the unfortunate ones can rename themselves....of course by that change all references to that name are changed :-) By giving the opportunity to frequently change the name, shipholders clubowners and managers will get problems and will be griefed. If get tired of that they will leave SL..then what???? If they loose confidence in LL because of namegrieving??? Just a small example: An avi who's name very much looks like mine is a guest in our club, having fun and no bad things in mind, only her name looks like mine. We both are mixed up and even hosts and security who work at the sim get confused by that small difference.................Can you imagine what can happen if boths names are identical??? At the moment there is already enough grieving on SL whith the known info of GF or BF's that i see happening....Now a griefer can for 1 day be the expartner and destroy the name in his or her favorite places, making it impossible for an avi to get over a relation and keep the friends. I so very much hope i am just seeing it on the worst possible site, but i have seen things done towards others here.................and that makes me have less confidence in this project. Edited the word grieving to griefing.......... typo, sorry :-) thanks to LadyJane.
  6. Thanks Calamity for your response Maybe that feature will be available, and i do hope other viewers will not use this feature so that working at our club stays fun to do. If not, we can get hours of IM from people who's name was used by another who grieved. In MSN the same feature can be used, but i see names there who i hardly remember because they changed the name...........the email stays the same however, but it feels like a problem. In RL we also cannot change our names................why would we wanna do that on SL? With all possible problems to that free namechange.........................and not protecting the original SL names??? As i said before, i have seen many grievers doing many strange things towards others and sims.This feature gives them an extra tool to attack and grief other people on SL..................and believe me, there are many. How about this: someone uses my name to callout in another club an employee there bad names....and the security isn't looking well at chat but does see my name there....................My name will be ruined in that club and my clubname will be connected to that..... I don't wanna see this possibility in SL happening..
  7. @Insight. With all respect to your answer to me, but i do have the idea that Lindenlab made this feature available for us all to test and see what respons they get to that testing. Making my alt rename as my primeavi, i just tested what could happen. By doing this i prepare myself and my crew on possible side effect of this renaming your avi, as i have seen many bad things happen on SL. So my respons is stil one of a very concerned and worried SL user, regardless of what others think and see. Insight, your comment towards me and your concern about my healt is noted and thank you for that, but i think i have other things , not SL, that worries me. SL is still a great way to do something on the net. And i still enjoy it very much. @ Frank, thank you for your support :-). I wish you all lots of fun on SL :-) Edit Some more reasons for concern: When my alt says something, my name appears in chat, so when someone misuses your name in a sim and security isn't checking profile YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM THAT SIM....when the real you can be offline or doing other nice things. The option people nearby reveal also the new avi name, so people actually can think you are there and neglect them ( very nice if your friends see your name but not online) This appears in chat: Anita Koenkamp: test chat (My Alt using my name) Anita Koenkamp: testchat (Me) Anita Koenkamp: chattest ( My Alt again) Anita Koenkamp: chattest ( Me again) So, when my Alt insults a simowner or security, and they bann on name on land, or at estate and searching names, they will find mine and ban ME, instead of the griever. This all will have a major impact to all of us who's name can easily be used. I strongly would ask Lindenlab to hold back this feature as the impact on SL can be catastrofic for many of the users.
  8. I am HORRIFIED to see my alt is able to use my name on Second Life. Though the original name is stil in display it can and WILL be very confusing. Anyone can now use an owners, manager or a securityname and make their own group to use the tags that person has. I wunder if an abusereport for this , using a name from another SL person and grouptag, will be punished by LL or if they will neglect it. As a manager of a big club i am deeply concerned about the way this seems to goto. However, if we see these things of impersonation in a club, well, we have the tools to deal with that.....
  9. I guess by sending an IM the person you exposed yourself and your new friends account to him, that way he know that friend and account also. Maybe your griever landed at that simm because he likes it??? Some simms are visited by many people. I would suggest to make a complete new account and leave completely all things from your SL past behind you if this griever is really annoying you. Other option and that is a very simple one, just mute him, completely ignore him, live and enjoy your Second Life. Grievers and stalkers are everywere and if you ignore him, his fun is soon over as he gets no more respons. Use the orginal SL viewer, that way you can be assured you have the safest viewer and the least problems ( i hope...lol). Don't let your SL be spoiled, it is too much fun.
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