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  1. Rolig, thanks for sending me that green stop hover item, unfortunately it didn't work, so I guess its back to the drawing board, annoying as it is, I appreciate the try though!
  2. Thanks Rolig, since I also have a Basic account I guess I'm stuck, Linden Labs choice to almost completely ignore all of the Basic users is shameful and one of the best reasons I can see to NEVER get a Premium Account. Now I have to figure out another way to get my AVie to stop this damned floating!
  3. Ok, I logged into the Second Life Beta Grid and I don't float there, my Avatar is normal, but as soon as I log into the main grid I once again float, so, my best guess is that this problem is being caused by some kind of server side glitch. @ KarenMichelle Yes I am HUD free. And I have no idea how it happened but these animations seem to be solidly attached to my AVie, since I removed all attachments, all huds, all gestures and even switched eyes, skin and shape, I changed every aspect of my AVie and still ended up floating baled and naked after stopping all animations, clearing cache and relogging, once I moved I was once again floating like I was on a Hoverboard of some kind. How do I find the area you suggested? I am having a lot of trouble finding what I need to find concerning the Help Portals, the menu systems don't seem very user friendly to me.
  4. Thanks for trying to help Rolig and KarenMichelle, I do appreciate your efforts. The Update: Ok, after a little further digging I discovered that I am being effected by 2 Hover/Float type animations that have seem to have somehow attached themselves to my AVie's feet/legs, I discovered this by using the Phoenix Viewer's Animation Explorer feature in the World Tab. This feature shows the animation string name (a long string of letters and numbers) and graphically shows the body part being effected. Unfortunately both of these animations are extremely persistent and immediately go back to being active as soon as I move my Avie. If anyone is interested I could write the animation string names down and post them here, I would have done that when posting this, but was doubtful that it would be useful info, but what do I know? After all I'm the one floating all over the place! I have been flying and landing (using the page up and down buttons) regularly since this started, I have changed call my clothes, hair, bald hair piece, skin, eyes and shape several times since this started, and have done several of those Character Tests as well. The animations don't seem to be going anywhere, after I deactivated all my gestures, removed all my clothing, hair and changed eyes, shape and skin, Did several character tests, put on different clothing, hair, eyes, shape and skin, I still floated, much to my annoyance! To be honest I think I need to figure out how to file a support ticket so LL can (hopefully) figure out why I can't kill these animations. Unfortunately I have no idea how to fill out a support ticket requesting help with this problem since the Support Page seems to have been redesigned to be extremely confusing and unfriendly. I honestly can't figure out which heading to file this under! If anyone can help me figure out how to file a support ticket for this probable SL Glitch I would be grateful!
  5. Well stumping anyone was not what I was hoping for, I really hope you do get that flash of insight. Latest update on my attempts to fix it myself I did a character test in the hopes that it would kill that blasted animation, sadly it also failed. With a little luck someone will come up with an idea that works. Thanks for trying
  6. Let me ammend a previous statement, I just TP'd to several NO SCRIPT Sims and am still hovering away, so it might not be a stuck script I'm wearing.
  7. It is an actual hovering pose, basically spread eagle, arms and legs outstreatched and drifting slightly up and down above the ground in an upright position. And according to inventory I'm mot wearing anything except my skin, eyes and a bald head wig, and Firestorm is out since the current version keeps crashing on start so I deleted it.
  8. So far the problem has followed me everywhere I have gone, unless it is a no script sim. I'm beginning to wonder if the hover animation script somehow managed to attach itself directly to my AV core, this should not be possible since that is the basic framework LL has created so AVies can move in SL. My latest attempt at ending the problem was making a prim outfit that takes up every single attachment point and hud slot, i finished this a few minutes ago and, unfortunately, it failed.
  9. Ok, lets try this again, First thing I tried was to remove ALL Attachments, all clothing, all gestures and I even tried switching body shapes and skins because of this hover problem. I am actively trying to figure out what is causing the problem because it is really annoying, so I stripped to the skin, removed every attachment and piece of clothing I was wearing and when that failed I even tried using REPLACE CURRENT OUTFIT, which, at least as far as I've seen removes every attachment (even Huds) and all clothing and replaces them with the contents of the new folder full of attachments and clothes. Unfortunately none of that worked, I still hover when I'm bald and naked wearing a totally different shape and skin. Thank you for the quick response though, it is appreciated greatly.
  10. I have no real idea where to post this, but here is my problem: I was removing Hover scripts from an item and now my Avatar is hovering constantly. What I'm wearing doesn't matter, I removed all attachments, gestures, clothes, scripted items and even changed body shape and skin, but I still hover all the time. Somehow the hover scripts i was removing seems to have attached itself directly to my AVie. I really need some help with this since Stop All Animations does not work very long, once I move I start hovering again. This problem happens with every viewer I use, SL v3 or Third Party.
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