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  1. Facebook: You really want to spread all the malice in the LL Blogs over Facebook now? Facebookifcation: Web 2.0 triump over Virtual Worlds? Usergroups: You think it's an effective way (I saw the chatlog here for example )? In my opinion it's the old game of devide and conquer, if you produce more and more uneffective usergroups. Votings on Jira: Users disrupt the workflow with too many votes on important issues?
  2. There is nothing more to say. When you will wake up, dear Lindens?
  3. processing time from 05/16/2007 until 01/13/2011 Fast, easy, fun And why 42? The Anser to the ultimate question of (Second) Life, The Universe and Everything? So Long, and Thank you for All the fish
  4. oh cool, "The Sims" are taking over SecondLife soon Really hope not! I hope that the new CEO know, that SL is not just a game, and that we don't need another facebook covered by a virtual world. SL need visions again like Philip Rosedale had once upon a time for SL and with him many Ex-Users.
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