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  1. I tell them I am a dog RL then lament the fact we can't sniff each others arses over Sl.....
  2. Cool beans, alredy know which one we would do for ya, will send ya info to ya ingame self later ^^
  3. Would a backwards theatre group of dim wits, no hopers, drunks, Owl-Petters, thieves, perverts, squffy eyed vagabonds be able to do you a 15 minute play as a live act?
  4. I get weary. Often! We did the club thing, went into theatre, cabaret bar, beach front, back to theatre, tea house, back to theatre again. We retired as a club after a few months, but 3 years on nearly now the place has been rebuilt a dozen times and the folk that inhabit it as some of the most creative and enjoyable funny people I know. Bordom and wearyness come often. Try something different every time they arrive our you will stagnate >.> ^^
  5. Would be grand if they could put in a proper Mute into the feeds ^^
  6. On the forums being dead thingy, I still find these forums hard to look at. The dont feel like forums. Something like ubuntuforums.org is a good forum. Heck even the old old blue ones here were good. Im not quite sure why I cant gel with these forums. It just doesnt feel natural using them?
  7. I finds its the other way round in SL, the rabble I hang with love seeing coloured skins! :matte-motes-inlove: In RL we are mostly white Kiwis, Aussies, Brits, and some Americans. All of us absolutely adore diffrent skin colours, not many of us shop at the big skin shops though... Heartsicks possibly the most mainstream skin shop we tend to use.
  8. Dont wince, but if your trying to do it on the cheap try putting Ubuntu onto a partition and using IDJC. Fully functioning awesome bit of kit for DJing ^^
  9. I had several first moments in SL none of which I really remember. Dunno how long SL has been going but it took me several attempts and several avatars over a few years before I actually 'got' SL. I think I finally got it when I had a major op in RL (99% clear now hurrah) but there wasnt much I could do post op. I hopped into SL with another new avi, met a mate from Guildwars who recognized my name. She bounced me off to a strip club she worked at (which was a sorta house... With nobody in?). Sat on the sofa there for a week talking to her and her mates. Got bored. Left. I think I found a interactive gallery, a RP sim, and cars and a race track! HURRAH! Suddenly it clicked that all these things existed in SL! All sorta things in one online game! Owned a theatre for 3 -4 years now. Managed a club for a mate before that. All happy stories scince! ^^
  10. Mostly through stumbling through sadly. All I got for any of the PCs I got up to XP and ive been there to help 'set up' for family members through XP and Vista have only come with a rather pointless 'Quick start guide' (this is how to log in etc) and a warrenty booklet.
  11. I disagree. Windows, Mac and later Ubuntu are succesful because they are as user freindly as possible. They are all as basic as your going to get in the current desktop market. On reading manuals, Windows PC's never came with proper manuals from 95 - Vista times (no idea if they did with Win 7). Macs just used to have a quick start guide. Ubuntu has a basic quick start guide PDF aswell.
  12. If hes using Ubuntu its just a basic OS like Windows. I agree hes better off asking on ubuntuforums.org, in the games section, but how many people read the manual to use Windows?
  13. And I thought SLU was confusing at times..... :matte-motes-impatient:
  14. Thats a good reply Qie, still not sure about the leech thing myself though as from what I understand you can turn off the feeding thing for a fee. Theres not really any hidden costs and past initial payment that would make one a cost free pet. So you can opt in or out of paying a ongoing sub to keep them at the cost of continuing to breed them? Its the same to me as calling LL a leech because they demand a fee for premium membership. You can opt in or out, if you opt in you get a better experience but pay an ongoing cost (if you desire land), if you opt out you can still play, you just cant have land of your own. *shrugs*
  15. Venus Petrov wrote: Naiki Muliaina wrote: To them who n wot is calling Meeroos a scam or leeches of money... Your just bitter someones made a good business for themselves right? :matte-motes-wink-tongue: Surely, you jest. No, I do not begrudge any SL creator who has done well for themselves. What I do not like is when someone with (name the type of pet) moves in next door with a gazillion of them and increases the lag in the sim. Long term, most of these pets will end up back in inventory or deleted and the seller will still have their L$. Good for them. Oh I cant stand breedables. I had the horses flood in next to me one time, hate them to bits :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2: But calling Meeroos a scam or leeches? Hows that? ^^
  16. Edit > Click the leg > Tick Edit Linked in the Edit panel > Click the invisi prim. Join C H I M E R A group for modding avi questions (fab bunch and they know thier stuff). Also, from what I got told the other day LL we looking into fixing the Invisi Prims issue. That was however by 5th person on the left I met ingame, so worth taking with a grain of salt ^^
  17. Not had that particular issue, but have just gotten over a spate of our events being listed, but never having a pin on the World Map. Appears to have cleaned itself up V2 user here.
  18. To them who n wot is calling Meeroos a scam or leeches of money... Your just bitter someones made a good business for themselves right? :matte-motes-wink-tongue:
  19. BlueMoons new play begins its run tomorrow! BlueMoons meets the Dark Carnival. A procession of demons, jugglers, clowns, voodoo women and death arrives at the Blue Moon after hours. A mix of drama, dance and of course, Nai's attempt at comedy ensues. Its a 20 minute dance comedy play, and our first showing is Saturday 13th at 2:30pm. It will be shown every Monday at 2pm while it runs and at various locations about the grid where ever we are requested. Blue Moons. Doin Carnie for the first time in 2 and a half years ^^ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feschenko/33/222/26 If you enjoy what you see, feel free to drop me a request to perform at your gaff when we finish the show :)
  20. Another vote here for Haru Motors! They handle brillianty, they look the biz! Them cars are actually made of sex dont you know? A small vote for Corse GP's vehicles too. They are more american branded cars and a few motorbikes, but half the price of Harus and still good cars.
  21. Consumables would deffo be the right place for animal food. I thought by the title you were asking all animal food to be given out free
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