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  1. Thank you for everything you've done, Oz. I first joined SL almost 14 years ago, and after taking almost a decade-long hiatus it was nice to see how my favorite virtual world had gotten better while I was gone. You will definitely be missed, and it will be nice to see your fingerprints all over the world for a long time to come. I hope you aren't leaving SL completely, and I know your friends inworld will always welcome you, whether you are officially a Linden or not. Enjoy the next part of your life, whatever it ends up being.
  2. Here's one with my girls. It's taken in my store, but that's where the girls tend to stay so they can help the customers.
  3. I need to submit a support request for a mesh head and I have a notecard ready to go about it. I took a photo inworld to show the developer what the problem looks like but I can't find a way to attach the photo. Is that even possible?
  4. I figured out how to find the location. It was part of the SL Christmas Expo on TINSEL, but the event ended on 12 December so the sim no longer exists. I snoozed so I lost. Thanks for the response. It wasn't great news but it's good to have that detail confirmed. I hope you can have a very Merry Catmas.
  5. Sometime in the past month I visited an outdoor sim that sold Christmas trees but logged out and forgot to change my login location to my last location and rezzed in at my home location. I tried to search my history to find it again but remembered that when I was having trouble getting my avatar to show up I cleared my profile to try to get my avatar to show up again instead of resetting my av. Is there any way to get the location from server data?
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