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  1. So trying to delete sold items on my marketplace thru the inworld screen and get this error: the transaction with the marketplace failed with the following error: reason 'not found'. Was wondering what does it mean, and how to fix it so I don't keep getting it. Thanks!
  2. It appears before the group or friend name! Wondering what it means and how to get rid of it. I also have trouble updating client it always gives me runtime ish errors.
  3. How do I remove the flashing? The icon and the words nearyby chat turn red and flash and won't go away till I click, and keeps coming back whenever someone comes near me, and its annoying, I would like to know how to disable that. Thanks. EDIT: Okay when I changed object im to noaction it seems to have fixed issue, so weird, anyways thanks!
  4. Hello. I'm on Second Life 3.3.4 (262321) Jul 24 2012 04:02:05 (Second Life Release viewer, and when I open up a second inventory window and try to drag an item from one to another the item has a circle with a slash mark through it. How can I get the items to drag over to second window?
  5. yeah my stuff will not stay deleted lol they keep repearring in the folder i made to store all my items..
  6. yeah some items in the unassociated items section say direct but all in the manage listing say magic box.. grr..
  7. yeah i dragged directly from box to folder... and then from folder into the outbox.. i did send it.. and then they disappeared which freaked me out.. i'm a bit tired atm so not sure if it said they would do that hence me asking about it here.. and now.. my listing page is all messed up.. with most items still saying magic box and for me to create a new listing for them..
  8. no in my lost and found.. i'm on recent items tab and lost and found suddenly popped up with all the marketplace items.. and on my actual marketplace most are still saying magic box as delievery when i know i dragged everything in the box on over..they are saying list new.. i do not have pics of the items saved for me to iist new on those ones..
  9. oh but now all my items are appearing in the lost and found wtf? so it won't add duplicate listings since i dragged items more than once in there??
  10. so what do i do??? i dragged 200+ items more than once into the outbox but they won't stay in there.. after reloggin several times, all the items i just dragged in are gone.. now i see only like 10 items in there.. did the original batch drag and the website is laggin and box or what?? its a lot of work to keep readding to outbox if its not gonna stay in there..
  11. I to, suffer from Ghostitis. Sucks big time. I hope Lindens fix my avie soon. :matte-motes-crying:
  12. It's basically like a slow response. Like being put on hold whilst calling tech support. It just drags its feet to do anything I request it to do, and it freeezes up a few seconds before responding and doing what I want like adding all to outfit! I never had these kind of slowdowns before so its very frustrating to do anything like inventory sorting! When will the Lindens learn to really test drive an update before forcing it on us. This is very basic stuff. Also I'm lagging in general more just trying to walk around. Even when its a low lag sim like my skybox which has barely anything in it!
  13. Okay so my inventory has been lagging badly since I've installed 2.8. When I go to try stuff on or delete or do anything it lags for a few seconds, its very annoying! Anyone else having this problem and is there anyway to improve it? My inventory is in the 18,000 and I've cleared all caches and have my graphics setting at mid.
  14. For me, I can login fine, but when people im me that are not on my friends list their name appears blank, and i couldn't view their profiles. This was earlier tonight. Also I notice some images are loading blurry in stores on the ads. And group chat never loads up the participants. Just says loading, but it will let me type in there after sometime and bug saying error sending message. Very frustrating.
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