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  1. Success! When you finish the clean install, there is no "bin_conf.dat" file in the user_settings folder for the viewer you are using. All I did was copy the "bin_conf.dat" file that I saved from the previous install, and dropped it in the new user_settings folder for the viewer. You have to open the viewer one time before you can drop it in. The firestorm or Second Life viewer folder located in the "Appdata/Roaming" location won't be created until you open the viewer for the first time. Open and close it out, and bam! Just drop it in after that and you are good to go and all the saved passwords will be transfered in! YAY! :matte-motes-whistle:
  2. I did a bit of research and it looks like it would be the "bin_conf.dat" file located in the the viewers "user_settings" folder. I'm going to just save the whole folder and drop in the file after the clean install. I'll post whether it works or not. Wish me luck! lol
  3. would it be the "user_settings" folder I would want to save & replace after clean install?
  4. When in doubt, just do a clean install. That will usually fix any issues that are happening. Most of the time when you don't delete all the files before doing an update/install, there will be glitches with the viewer.
  5. Is there anyway at all that I can save my username and passwords I have saved before doing a clean install? I have an alt I use for building and didn't want to have to try for 2 hours to remember the password after the clean install. I heard from someone there is a way you can save the folder which stores usernames/passwords for the viewer. Then after the clean install you could just drop it back in and your passwords & usernames would show back up. If anyone knows how to do it and what folder it is I need to save, it would be greatly appriciated and would save me a lot of time trying to remember the password for my secondary account. :matte-motes-stress:
  6. I don't know who you were renting from, but most places give you full parcel access you control all the settings. Don't rent from people like that, it's not worth it. You can name the parcel whatever you want if you rent from a legit rental agency. I've never even heard of others doing that. I've owned my own parcels for years and always had full control. You can name the sim whatever you want. Now region name is a differnt thing unless you wanna fork out over a grand for it. (a real grand not linden lol)
  7. Here are some things to try. My friends have this issue and there doesn't seem to be a permanant fix being that it is usually an issue with your computer not being fast enough and you will experience it from time to time. Used to happen to me on an old laptop. -Try disabling voice, and re-enabling. [doesn't work all the time] - Log out. Log into the region of Lime or Fermi. [usually fixes it for a lot of people] -If those don't work, try disabling voice, then log off. Log into Lime or Fermi and then turn it back on. [thats if the first 2 things don't work] ^ all things posted aren't steps, do all 3 differnt times
  8. you need to put more info.... is it mesh? prim? don't really know what to say without any details
  9. if you really want to learn how to make mesh clothes, you aren't going to find someone who is just going to teach you for nothing...that would take months just to get the basics down for you... most people learn themselves or have expericence with 2d/3d editing programs...if you reallly want to learn how to make mesh, you have to learn the programs before hand...google is there for a reason and that is how 9 out of 10 people learn this stuff...one their own...it takes a lot of time...there are plenty of guides on the internet
  10. Trinity Yazimoto wrote: ive been experiencing almost similar bug, with firestorm and kokua viewers, in my case, i have a big black spot on the right side of the pic. Of course, this only happen, when we are trying to make pics larger than our screen size. in my case, after some investigations, i fig out that it only happens, when im not enough fast to click on "save as" after having refreshing my camera tool. So i may easily fix, being faster for cliking on the save button. But a friend of mine, with a 1 month old comp, really powerfull and with a great graph card and great internet connection, had the same pb while he tried to make a snapshot at 6000 size even being fast for saving the pic in his comp.. so well... we came to the conclusion that it was same as for the line we get sometimes when we do large pics... a mysterious glitch lol With firestorm I have no issues with taking photos whatsoever. I can take them even larger than 6000x3000 with no problem. I'm having the same exact problem you are with the SL Viewer 2. I also have a very powerful computer so I know it's not anything to do with my graphics being that my card is way above what is needed for SL. Your fix didn't work for me. I'm almost certain there has to be some kind of setting that can permananly fix the problem, just not sure as to what. I've heard in the past people having this issue & using some kind of debug setting or something that fixed it. (just can't remember what they said) Thanks though! If I figure out a fix for this, I'll be sure to post it.
  11. I've been trying everything I could think of and nothing fixes it... I'm still thinking it's either a setting or debug that could fix it.
  12. This viewer was created for second life photography: http://www.kirstensviewer.com/ Try it out, it's pretty good. You can get some really great windlight settings from Strawberry Singh's website too.
  13. Thats exactly what is happening to me. I'm sure there is a work around or something, because I've seen other people use V2 with shadows without having it happen. I'm thinking maybe a debug setting or something. It would be nice to use V2 for pictures because I don't lag at all compared to firestorm.
  14. I took this photo to show you what I mean. This pic was taken at 6000x3181 in Viewer 2. http://tinypic.com/r/2wf3jmr/4 Whenever I use firestorm, I never have this problem & the photos come out fine at this size. Maybe it's a setting? It not only happens to me, but my girlfriend & we live together and both have the same computer. Our graphics cards are pretty much top of the line as well as our internet connection so I know it's not that. I'm thinking there is a possible debug setting or something that can fix this if anyone knows.
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