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  1. igmarpo, please search marketplace for RAAWR mods! you might find one that you are looking for. unlike human avatars furry avatars are mod and there are many mods on the marketplace for them!
  2. tweeneedoo thankfully does not squish the skeleton like the toddleedo so you can just make regular clothing using the sl avatar to model on. if you don't know how to make mesh clothing you can look up tutorials for that or you can buy templates on marketplace just like the toddleedoo.
  3. rlv has nothing to do with ratings lol the yuss/nuu hud for kid avvies uses rlv scripts. just because something was meant for something adult doesn't mean everything involved with it has to be adult. and i agree it would be a cool way to enhance the attraction, but i doubt it would ever be added..
  4. our store, [ LuNi ] has always been part of the creepy side of second life. since inception we have enjoyed creating spooky content for the grid, from costumes, to makeup/skins, to items that inspire fear. being a real life makeup artist for a haunted house for several years, i have endevored to bring a bit of that love of horror movie makeup to my creations, and though we are unable to really go all out this year for halloween due to real life, i hope you will stop by and check out our items for your upcomming costume needs!
  5. a wonderful woman named minx who passed away in rl at the end of 06, gave me my first job as a dancer and dj at her club when i was a noobie. she was very kind to me and i thought of her as a mother figure. a jerk who will remain nameless inspired me to take photography in sl seriously, pretty much the only thing i can fondly remember from him.
  6. that guy you are calling a spaz is a pretty well known and respected member of the computer/tech community... so while we might not agree that its a good demo of second life, what he's saying and showing is what a massive group of people are now going to see and think about second life in the future.
  7. i don't get what you are upset about... your profile is not on the web for all the world to see. you have it set so people can see it only if they log into the website. what more privacy do you want? why on earth are you putting important first life details on your sl profile anyway??
  8. i'm inclined to agree with this, especially since our profiles have been on the web for a long time. you could search the sl search via a web browser for a few years... also after poking around the web profile thing, i've noticed that if you are not logged in, your rl info area is not displayed on the my.secondlife.com profile. so its not out there for all the world to see. and honestly, you shouldn't be putting that much rl info in your profile anyway!
  9. your first day sounds a lot like my first day in minecraft LOL i hope you will continue to immerse yourself in our world as much as you can (though i know with as much work as you have heaped on your plate that might not be much time at all) its fun in here!
  10. Galileo your vision of changes scares me. It's very unfair and I hope doesn't happen. indeed. i'm glad people like him aren't in charge of things.
  11. i do not have stable income in real life due to the lack of good jobs in my area and having to take care of my mother who had a stroke. i do not pay for my broadband connection, it is provided by a family member who wanted to make sure my mother and i were able to stay in touch with loved ones. so no i cannot afford the lump sum of a yearly subscription, nor can i afford the monthly fee. second life is pretty much the only escape i have.
  12. i agree.. speaking as an unpaying member. i have been here since 2006, i am an active member of second life, i have a store with my partner and enjoy all that second life has to offer. i do not have the money to afford a premium account, i enjoy second life because i do not have to pay a fee to enjoy it.
  13. speak for yourself i enjoy sl every day as much as i did when i started back in 06. i'm definitely not paying my last respects, and if you are, perhaps its time for you to find a change of scene.
  14. as a long time sims fan, i welcome you once more into my computer mr. humble will you be leaving pc's on our doorsteps here as well?? honestly though, i hope that you will enjoy your time as our CEO and i hope that our meaner spirited residents won't stab you too badly.
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