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  1. There not doing it at the sand box on the next sim... she has the ability to push items enabled and they are rezzing them elsewhere and pushing them onto her land and its just sitting.
  2. No one of the lots is huge they are on... its for a bdsm furniture designer who has been in sl for a long time... its just the last year she hasnt been here. I got that info from some of her friends who are in her design group. Thanky for the information I will attempt that oen and see if it works. Honestly it shouldnt take this much effort to get a linden to pop in and do their job. Dak
  3. Cerise I tried the ticket system.. explained the details items left after she was banned etc... they flat out told me to file an abuse report. I did not do anything bad to her nor mouth her back.. I asked her to not curse me as I had done nothing to her. I did file an abuse report with the chat window open and her profile open.. she even linked the 2 avies in her profile in the about me section. I am waiting on linden labs but honestly 4 weeks is unreasonable. You cant ask for a supervisor as aparently there are none... Live chat cant help or wont... ticket system always says file an ingame abuse report... The person whose land the Particle bombs are on is paying for hte land but hasnt been in sl in over a year, but its flooding a full 2 sims away.. i am unlucky and right next to it.... which means I am getting more lag than the others.. and making htem to where i cant see them does not fix the lag. Dak
  4. She is back on an alt.. how do I know?? She cussed me out.... She threw a tantrum at us for reporting her and getting her banned over it. If I file for live help they tell me to file in game on abuse.... If i file a ticket they tell me to file in game abuse. More ideas??? Dak Deed
  5. I have heard you people scream in defense of the lindens swearing you get omg fast responses. This latest griefer it has been 4 weeks me waiting on a linden to come clean their particle bombs up. By her own statement they have banned her already but didnt remove the items. Its blowing particles 2 sims over.. and lagging us all badly. So how do you file a ticket to get a response so quickly.. teach me. (in 4 weeks there has been over 50 reports sent in by me, my staff and vips... so its not a volume thing) Dak Deed
  6. If you will notice most of the lang agents are lindens.. the second they get abandoned they are snapped up and never go to auction. All the land around me was abandoned and within 24 hours all owned by the same guy and never went to auction.
  7. Sim crashing is an issue and we need something better than the submit a ticket.. wait 7 or so days we might fix it, then again we might not. They also need to fix the ones abusing sim/region resources and making life impossible for others. They do need to interact with us instead of hiding behind the channels and maybe do something maybe not. I remember when a Linden actually answered your ticket and came to you. Now we never klnow if they even read the tickets.. and lets face it thats the only option we have. If you call in, try live chat, or submit a ticket in the web page help section they chew you out and tell you to file an abuse report in game. We pay to play... Do something about the problem children
  8. ops sorry nad yes i got confirmation of the emails... all of them... he hits us about every 2 weeks. Today alone 18 of us have sent ar's and all have confirmation emails.
  9. Well in a nut shell... he has 500 particle effect spammers on the sim i own land.. lagging it out badly... As well as gift givers that spam. He is off sim pushing them onsim.. and he can avoid the no push items onto your land setting.. he is also spamming voice Nazi rhetoric form the boxes.... Was told by live help could take 2 weeks to get help with an ar.. I have had an active ar for 6 months... on the same griefer... he keeps making alts.. same first name different last name
  10. I have tried submitting an ar for the last 6 months but lets face it that dept must not exist anymore... If you contact live help or call they robot tell you to file and ar and hang up or click close on you. What avenues do we have other than fileing a ar that never gets answered???
  11. I did say WHEN WE BAN ll rig it where it bans them by ip.. never once did I ask for their ip... hell even a Mac address ban and ll keep the info.. It has been 6 months of me having problems with these same 2 toons and fileing with linden labs... they are still here and still causing us grief. I have filed and this guy makes alts at least once a week to bug us... today he made 4. Did we file.. yes we did.. will it do any good?? No.... I have better things to do in my club than sit and watch and hope I catch his alt this time before he does something else to grief. And yes all the greenzone people and the griefers dont want all alts of accounts banned so they can continue to bug people who have banned them. Come one people get a grip on reality if we dont want that toon we dont want any of your toons lol
  12. Then give us more power to ban. I never said I want their ip address.. Linden labs can keep it.. just stop the idiots once banned form coming back.
  13. Why doesnt LL rig it when we ban someone it bans by ip or mac or something.. so people cant create a ton of alts and continue to Grief you. I have banned the same person 4 times today.... he just keeps making alts to bug us. Ban one hit them all... This is an issue and the only ones who have a problem with banning all alts are those who are doing exactly the same.,
  14. You know i see you people slamming redzone left adn right. Though GreenZone is violating sl rules as well and is still allowed because of the vocal few who troll the forums. There is a list of people who used redzone.. even if it was just teh test out model... that we are bashed on and listed and defamed etc on. Asking to be removed from the list in as nice a way as possible.. we are then accused ot threatening the runner of greenzone and that webpages owners with violence.. when no where was there anything but please take me off the list.. i was only using the test out version. There is a real problem with griefers in sl.. and then when banned comming in on alts. SL either needs to allow us a lagit way to track alts when banning or when we ban someone it bans their ip. I wold prefere banning someone by ip when we ban their avatar and only on sl's side it knows the ip address. Running a club u would be amazed at how many idiots and griefers I have to ban then they start coming in on alts and causing problems. One guy I know I have banned him and 8 alts of his. He runs a rival club.. and dont say report it to linden labs... He was.. he is still in game.. even though he was griefing.. he stood on the ocean and fiilled our sim with blocks.... to the point it crashed our sim. So give me a solution that yoiu greenzone nuts would approve of other than me standing no stop banning people.
  15. Honestly those who complain usualy have something to hide or fear they are being stalked etc. Every single time you do anything someone can harvest your ip address. The loudest whiner about people using redzone I have seen is an Admitted Copy botter. I bought and put in redzone cause I had a neighbor who was copybotting all my builds... and contacting the lindens was useless... They admitted he was copybotting... but they said there was nothing they could do about it. So tell me oh haters of redzone.... and I use it only on my sim I build upon.. not sell upon... How else am I supposed to protect my builds since Linden Labs and their employees wont help us? I did move. Also... just a fyi... the copy botter complained to the Lindens because I had done the tortured alpha prim around my building platform/box, and the Lindens forced me to remove it. Aparently its against the tos to try and block perv camming.
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