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  1. I tried to buy some Lindens and it came back and said this. We are unable to complete your request. This transaction would exceed your daily trading limit by US$6.49. Your daily trading limit is US$30.00How can I increase my limit? $30 USD is not enough. I did just add payment info the other day. Is this limit imposed by LL. I didn't set it. I need to buy some land, a house, and pay tiers.
  2. Ah Ha, I just downloaded the Release Candidate and I was able to log out and restart without having to run the install again. Guess I'll run this 4 now until they force another buggy update on me.
  3. I have the same problem, started a couple days ago. SL will run fine but if I logout or crash then when I try to restart it says "Detecting hardware" then in about 5 seconds I get the Windows dialog telling me "Second life has stopped working", Windows is checking for a solution. If I then run the latetest installation file, without uninstalling, SL will load and run fine. But when I quit or crash again the same thing happens. It's like it runs only once and then I have to run the install again. I have tried uninstall and reinstall several times, same results. I tried to do a complete and utter removal of all SL files after uninstalling and got the same results. Maybe something in the Registry or some other file I missed, but this is clearly a bug. I've been in SL over 2 years and never had this problem. Maybe something in Vista contributing to the problem, don't know. I'm going to open a ticket see if LL can help. As an IT person I just wanted to shed a little more light on this as I expect more people will encounter this problem. I will post any updates. TTFN
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