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  1. Always up for a chat, feel free to add me!
  2. Alguien sabe si hay alun evento para ver el partido manana? Gracias! Leilany
  3. 2003. Ran away screaming at how ugly the AVs were and came back in 2004
  4. I'd love to hang out with with either one of you!! No horror movies here, though. Biggest chicken ever
  5. Can you tell me where you got your outfit, pretty please?
  6. Yay! Somebody old enough to remember the FIC!!! LOL
  7. I hope you're doing better! I just came back from an extended absence and am pretty lost myself. Feel free to IM me any time
  8. I'll tag along with you any time! I love sim hopping, people watching and mischief creating. And shopping
  9. You hit the nail on the head there, for me. I've been gone for eons and came back less than a week ago, and because I was alone most of the time I had the freedom to go wherever and talk to whomever. I've met some pretty interesting people and I haven't spent a day alone or bored since
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