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  1. Go to marketplace and use "fat ass" as your search words. That'll bring up options that will leave you avi unable to fit through anything smaller than a garage door, if that's what you're looking for.
  2. One of my peeves in marketplace is the inability to narrow my search by using Boolean operatives in the search window. Just being able to add something such as -demo would save a lot of time and bother. Another is this recent thing of using a picture that shows someone's entire product line with the particular item highlighted (or not), usually coupled with the word "rare" in the description and a jacked-up price. First of all, it's only rare because the builder decided to make it so. And if it is, indeed, rare and valuable, shouldn't it get its own photo that shows it in detail?
  3. I recently got a set of Lola Tangos simply because I was tired of trying to fine-tune the un-tunable avatar breasts into a nice shape. My avatar is only 5'-2" tall, so it took some work to get them to fit and not look gigatuan. The other reason for going with them is the available nipple sizes. Not all of us have tiny pink nipples in RL, and I want some details on my avi to look like the real me. (And since my RL hubby plays with me in SL, I want to look good for him.)
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