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  1. I've been part of the currently booming SL Professional Wrestling business since it basically started in late 2007 and have been with the DCWF (formerly SLCW) since its inception in 2008. Wrestling right now is one of the most popular sports (if you want to call it a sport) in SL, and in my opinion, right behind good ole' GOHA Hockey in terms of participation and popularity. There's not only the DCWF for Wrestling. There's the VWE (which like DCWF, is featured on SL's Destination Guide), OEW and the UWS for wrestling on SL. VWE and DCWF regularly receive coverage in SL press, and both have major TV deals, VWE with the new MetaMix.TV (formerly known as Rezzed.TV) and DCWF, which is scheduled to soon be aired on Treet. It's worth checking SL Wrestling out, and don't just ask me, ask the hundreds of those who are fans of, and participate actively in SL wrestling!
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