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  1. Hi all! I have been having some issues with joint position. There are plenty of threads about this, none of them have a solution I'm looking for. I'm hoping one of you can help me. So, in blender (2.59) after importing my mesh, I select it, then shift+select the rig and Ctrl+P/Set Parent To: Armature Deform and With Empty Groups. Once that's done I select the rig and go into Edit mode, then change the location of the bones to fit my mesh. I have two theories on why this is happening: 1. I'm using the wrong version of blender, 2.59 is my favorite. I have tried new and older versions (2.49 is evil). 2. After I edit the joint position in Edit mode, I need to do something to the rig. The 'make real' button doesn't seem to exist any more. Thanks!
  2. I wanted to mess around with the mesh deformer, so I downloaded the the Mesh Deformer test viewer: Second Life 3.3.1 (255595) May 3 2012 06:37:36 (Project Viewer - Deformer) - STORM-1716 http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Downloading_test_builds I installed the viewer, then went to the beta grid to upload some rigged mesh in the interest of seeing how it would deform. In the upload window under the 'Upload options' tab I ticked 'Include skin weight' and 'Deform to avatar shape'. Once the mesh is uploaded and attached to my avatar, it just acts as a normal rigged mesh and does not deform to the 'Body fat' slider when I go to Edit Shape. Question 1: Why doesn't the mesh deformer work or even effect my rigged mesh? Question 2: Do I need to rig the mesh in a particular way for the deformer to work? Question 3: Are there additional check boxes that I need to tick in the uploader window other than 'Include skin weight' and 'Deform to avatar shape'? Thanks you in advance, you wonderful people.
  3. Viewer: 3.3.0 (251182) - Settings: I have been able to see glow for years, but recently it stopped working. Edit: Thank you for your reply, Lindal. Sadly, I had already tried that after reading a forum post on the issue. It was already set to true, toggling it back and forth had no effect either. The problem persitst over multiple viewers and after clearing cache.
  4. Ok, I switched to the Maya Collada exporter, which doesn't seem to have this problem. It would be nice if I coul export custom LODs in blender, since that's what I rig in, but it's not vital I guess. Thanks for the help!
  5. I usually use the LODs that are auto generated by the mesh uploader, this for this mesh I need at least a custom medium LOD. As soon as I load in the medium LOD the Calculate weights & fee greys out: I’ve tried using a custom physics shape to see if that was an issue and I’ve tried the up to date main, beta and project viewers. Does anyone know what the problem is? Cheers.
  6. I must have been reading old posts, just downloaded 2.59 and it works perfect. Thanks, Ashasekayi!
  7. Hello one and all, Firstly I'd like to apologize; I was unable to find any thread on this subject, but I know it must have come up before. I have uploaded multiple mesh objects in the past, both static and rigged, with little trouble to speak of. However, after a brief hiatus I have come back to find this rather unfortunate problem. I’m using blender 2.49 (Python 2.4) to export, which worked fine in the past, but now I get these unfortunately placed white polygons.  Initially I came to the conclusion that my UVs were just messed up, but they looked fine, so I tried exporting with blender 2.5 and it worked great. This would be fine for static meshes, but as you probably know; SL doesn’t currently support rigged mesh from blender 2.5, so for now I need to find a solution for the old version of blender. Does anyone know what the problem is? Perhaps I’m using the wrong version of Python? (I have tried others, but to no avail). Cheers.
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