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  1. when i shoot in ultra the catwa mouths are outlined. Only happens when on bento version. not on regular. is only issue I seem to have so far. it just takes a lot of playing with lighting to hide it and even then some shows. the eyes and other skin or makeup spots have been fine but lipsticks just has been weird for me. https://gyazo.com/1fb470234116eb39cee26f661f9faaa1
  2. **bleep**ing creep is looking for people to webcam so he can jerk off. should use your big boy words and say horny instead of sad. get a life. people take time to message to have a conversation to chat and all you ask over and over is to watch and let you jerk it.
  3. Hello. I am going to introduce myself. Destiny Mynx. 32 years old. I am married in rl and sl to the same man. I have 3 sisters. We all share a home. Most everyone is gone during the week and I am looking for a friend, child, just someone to hang out with during the week times. We dont mind adding you to the family or just remaining friends. Age really isint important. We have a wide arrange of interests so we are fine with pretty much most things. We are open minded. We dont care if you are a furry, shemale, trans, bi , anything you wish to be and are happy then we are happy. If you play a cha
  4. I can help you with getting started at the Nightingale Hospital. I am the Chief of Staff of it. I would love to have you join my team. Message me to set up a meeting and a tour! Destiny Mynx
  5. Anyone have any luck posting real life business on a sl ad board? where is the best places to do so?
  6. Hi. Not sure if anyone would have any info on her or even know if she is ok. We were really great friends and I miss her terribly. I know people disapear and I remember her saying she had health issues. I have sent countless notecards since ims get capped in case we keep missing each other. For 3 years we were sl bff's. I know we had so many fun times and really hit it off. I just want to know if shes ok if anyone has any info. She went by those two names. It could be something simple as she created a new account during my hiatus of being gone. I just thought I would give this a shot. Thanks.
  7. Very informitive. Thank you. As I said I always read reviews. Sometimes can't tell who legitimately writes real reviews or is affiliated with companies. That's why I took a chance to ask in sl forum. Very glad I did. Thank you so much and feel free to add me in world once my computers get delivered. Pretty sure this ice storm will cause delay. So ready to get signed in
  8. I know mesh is popular. Not to sure myself. I'm actually getting back into sl after a few years hiatus. Just waiting on my to be delivered. Welcome back
  9. Thank you all for the ideas. I actually purchased two pcs of the exact same for my husband and I. He's the one I worry about. He just clicks through not reading so luckily he doesn't hang out on pc oftn except for sl so maybe I can keep an eye out on his downloads. These pcs have windows 8 installed. I have heard good things about windows firewall and microsoft essentials. Only heard one bad thing and think my friend got an adware bug. Called scorpion saver? Don't think they ever got that to go away. Everything they did it came back and made pc so slow. I'm terrified of anything happening to m
  10. I just got a new gaming desktop. Its been 3 years since I had anything worth anything. My questions is what can i do to protect my investment. I want nothing to damage it. I review everything and keep getting mixed reviews. Not sure what virus protection is good. I keep hearing some free ones are better than expensive ones sometimes. I know the pc I'm getting comes with avast free. I hear bit defenders good. Just looking for good options and reasons why. Thanks. Sorry if there are other posts about this. I looked and didn't really see any. I haven't been able to be on sl a few years because o
  11. What are the best security scanners? I keep searching but when one says good another page says its not. Frustrating
  12. http://www.cybertronpc.com/customkititems.asp?kc=GM1213A since I was buying two I went with this one and upped the power supply. Here's hoping it does what I'm thinking. I've missed sl badly. Just waiting on delivery.
  13. Planning on going with Cybertron pc. What are updated specifics on sl? Which cybertron you recommend? I'm buying two desktops for hubby and I and basically tech stuff beginning to hurt my head from all the comparisons. Not really many tech friends in rl to help. Please anyone?
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