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  1. Bizarre 'Headless Chicken Monster' Drifts Through Antarctic Deep
  2. But... but... he hasn't changed his socks in months! Just look at his forum avatar and those dingy white socks! He needs Clorox!
  3. Again you are assuming things that simply are not true. I do not have an "inordinate amount of terribly rude people" coming to the sim I live in and I never said I did or even implied I did. You jumped to that conclusion based on... nothing. Stop telling people they cannot have personal space in SL without having to post billboards. That is simply not true.
  4. I find it amusing that people who will eat hot dogs, bologna, Spam, deviled ham, Underwood white chicken meat spread and other such things but they balk at a whole canned chicken. It's all canned meat.
  5. You're barking up the wrong tree. I've been in SL long enough to know how it works. You are making a boat load of incorrect assumptions on top of making things far more complicated than they need be. I already "avoid a lot of frustration" simply by not going to places that are not open to the public (those places are usually group only) and by asking permission to be in someone's personal space if they haven't given it. And by respecting their want/need for personal space to be personal. You are telling me that I can't have my store and my home on the same parcel AND have other people respect my personal space. I call bs. I do not live on mainland.
  6. They won't ever admit it but Brits eat some really strange stuff.
  7. When I was a kid I called it Worchester Shire. Got tired of people laughing at me for it without ever telling me wtf was so funny when I asked so I called it Lea & Perrins until my father finally helped me with the correct pronunciation. That was typical of the treatment I received growing up. I was the kid everyone picked on in school.
  8. If someone can't tell the difference they should do the right thing and stay out until given permission to enter unless otherwise posted. Let those who want strangers to feel free to abuse the privilege put up Welcome signs and let the rest of us be in peace without no trespassing signs. Or we could all be reasonable human beings and respect each other by staying out of personal spaces unless given permission to be in them thus avoiding cluttering up the land with unwanted and unneeded ad farms that were banned years ago.
  9. That what southerners have always called it. Duh. And yes I can say wor-kes-ter-shire sauce.
  10. I MENTIONED IT!!! FFS Along with teriyaki marinade and bbq sauce. *hairflipflounce*
  11. It's really quite simple. It is personal space. Stay out unless invited in. Full stop.
  12. Which can be done by right clicking the terrain and selecting edit. No one needs walk around looking at boundaries. You are, flat out, griefing people. Not cool. Not funny.
  13. My house/home in SL is no different than my home in RL. It's my personal space. Don't invade it without invitation.
  14. Thems fightin werds. Put'em up. Put'em up.
  15. Yup. That's how I meant it. In the "can't help but watch the trainwreck" kind of way because you never know how people are going to react. It's the ones that don't react that I don't put on ignore. And before anyone gets the wrong idea, no I have never done this to anyone. Putting someone on ignore is a sign someone needs to stop pushing my buttons before things get really unpleasant.
  16. I thought you would see the humor in it. Sorry about that.
  17. Sometimes it's more fun to announce the blockage then sit back and watch the fireworks.
  18. Venison sausage gravy. Can't top that. Ok well... maybe bison would top it.
  19. You don't like sausage gravy? Shame. Means more for us though! \o/
  20. Just when I'm about to take Seicher off ignore she has to go and post a pic of a mouth watering biscuit. Wait... where the hell is the real butter!? AUGH!
  21. I'd feel fine. They might feel a little ejected rejected though. I don't mind people coming onto my land. Just don't go in my house without an invitation. And no, I don't give standing invitations. Well... except the landlord who is also my boss. So I have to let him prank me once in awhile or he'd make me watch him go through his whole repertoire of avatars. /me runs
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