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  1. I have a few spare lead balloons if you need them.
  2. Just for something to help keep the brain occupied I have been working towards a 1000 point spread.
  3. I wasn't gonna say anything... I was going to wait and see if you ever noticed.
  4. You're correct on number of likes. But number of posts aren't the same thing as out posting everyone in the sense I meant it. To me it meant you posted stuff that people really liked or agreed with that day.
  5. You sure it isn't just family resemblance?
  6. It means you out posted everyone else that day. Not really something to brag about...
  7. How to Deal with Maddy in 3 Quick, Easy Rules by Selene Rule #1. When Maddy messes with your head, do not run. You only encourage her to chase you. Stop, drop and roll, then mess with her head. Rule #2. Selene is always correct. Rule #3. If Selene is incorrect, see rule #2.
  8. I came way too close to asking "which kid". I stopped myself before I actually typed the question.
  9. No, that's Love, not me and mine. We're wolves. He's alpha, I'm omega. I think you can figure out who the peacekeeper is.
  10. Wait... we're competing? Alright which one of you forgot to send me the memo?
  11. You don't see the conflict between and ? Saying one thing (about RL) and doing the opposite (in SL) is sending a mixed signal. We aren't always aware we are sending mixed signals and we don't always realize that what we say and what we do send mixed signals. So, no, I'm not saying you are at fault. I'm simply saying that when your words don't really match your actions, people don't know how to deal with that because the signals they are getting don't match. I do understand that you are not able to cuddle in RL, yet crave human contact. While the boats we are in may not have the same name, they're still boats, so I know where you are coming from on not being able to cuddle in RL so you cuddle in SL because you can. My RL other half is not a cuddler and I love to cuddle. So I crave that human contact, too.
  12. Try talking with other inworld DJs* and ask for help. They'll know more about such things and/or can point you in the direction you need to go. *musicians too but DJs are usually more helpful in my experience
  13. *puts away her toy boxes No more toys for you! ...tosses a fart bomb at your feet then sets you on fire
  14. Just don't get too carried away with the new threads you've been creating. It could be misconstrued as you being an attention hound.
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